WPSR is operated by the EVSC and located at the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center. 

All your donations for underwriting are tax-deductible as allowable by IRS regulations. 

As an alternative to commercial advertisements, underwriting is a way for your business (or non-profit) to gain community-wide recognition for your support of WPSR and our quality programming. 

In addition to being a wise investment for you, the on-air acknowledgements enhance your image as participants in, and supporters of, educational opportunities for WPSR students. 

You may elect to underwrite a program on the station or purchase general underwriting announcements. 

What Content May I Have in My Underwriting Announcement?

WPSR is committed to creating high quality, professional-sounding announcements.
We are confident that you will be satisfied with our representation of your business.
Our General Manager will work with you to maximize your message within the parameters set by the FCC.
Legal or trade name must be stated to identify the underwriter.

The following items can be used in an underwriting announcement:
Telephone number, email address, web site and location of business or area served
Days of operation
A listing of up to three products or services
Product origin (“French furniture”)
Intended use of product, (“children’s clothing”)
Product content, (“wool suits”)
Form of delivery, or method of preparation, (“Delivered by rickshaw” or “cooked with bottled water”)

FCC / WPSR Underwriting Regulations and Policies

Due to FCC regulations of non-commercial airwaves there are several rules we must abide by in any underwriting announcement.
The following is a brief description of what cannot be used in and underwriting acknowledgment copy:
Qualitative language, (wonderful; homemade)
Comparative language, (better; most)
“Calls to action,” (call today, come by)
Location of business using another business as a reference, (…located next door to?)
Number of years in business
First person statements, (I)
Second person statements, (you)


All underwriting copy, including corporate slogans, is subject to the approval of the General Manager of WPSR.
(Financial support does not in any way imply that sponsors may influence program content or programming decisions)

More Information

For more information on underwriting contact WPSR General Manager, Jo Beth Bootz
Email: jo.bootz@evsck12.com
Phone: 812-435-8831