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  • Out of the Void Out of the Void

    A deep dive into any and all conspiracy theories

  • BRIC Cast BRIC Cast

    This podcast is about as smart as a brick! Enjoy the discussion and random musings of 4 of our favorite station DJ's.

  • Sands of Time Sands of Time

    It's time to jump into a historical event, perhaps lost in the sands of time.

  • Music Madness Music Madness

    It's bracketology at its best...except with music! Listen to our episodes for an epic showdown of artist vs. artist

  • Dear Future Me Dear Future Me

    A podcast to our future selves!

  • Station Interviews Station Interviews

    A recap of live and recorded interviews from the station

  • The Musical Fellas The Musical Fellas

    At WPSR, we have musical experts and they are here to dive into some exploration on their favorite bands and genres.

  • Rolling Down History Rolling Down History

    It's time to learn! Have you ever wanted to know more details about a subject?

  • Tier 3 Tier 3

    Deep discussions, absolute hilarity, and all the opinions

  • Movie Time Movie Time

    It's movie night and our crew comes to share an overview of our favorite films! Beware of spoilers!

  • Diary of a Marvel Girl Diary of a Marvel Girl

    Superheroes unite! Our local fan expert is here with a weekly, in-depth discussion on all things in the Marvel cinematic universe.

  • Tri-State Talks Tri-State Talks

    Join WPSR staff as they interview community leaders and change-makers in the Evansville area. This show airs live each Tuesday and Thursday at noon on 90.7 WPSR.

  • The Blank Prompt The Blank Prompt

    Give us a prompt and we will get into all the juicy details!

  • Irrelevant Arguments Irrelevant Arguments

    Everyone has an opinion about these topics...

  • New Letter, Different Questions New Letter, Different Questions

    Have you ever wondered what the most searched question is on Google, based on the first letter that you type out?

  • Poorly Described Movies Poorly Described Movies

    Descriptions of well-known and well-loved movies...described terribly.

  • What We Owe To Ourselves What We Owe To Ourselves

    Discussions about life, the future, and advice to our younger selves.