Which D1 Basketball Program In The 812 Has The Best Soft Pretzels?

Let's start with the basics: there are only two Division 1 basketball programs in Evansville, Indiana. These two schools are the University of Southern Indiana(USI) and the University of Evansville(UE). Only one of the programs has its own stadium, USI, while UE plays in the local Ford Center. There are 6 factors we will be discussing including price, size, quality, taste, salt, and cheese.

Now we shall enter the full review of both team’s soft pretzels. We will start with the overall price. At USI, a soft pretzel will set you back $4.50 with a $0.50 upcharge for cheese, while at UE, a soft pretzel is a whopping $6.00 with a $1.00 upcharge for cheese. Next is the size of each pretzel. USI’s pretzel is very large in height, length, and width and I believe it is the perfect size. Not only does it meet all requirements for size, but it also has an incredible amount of fluff. UE’s pretzel is about the same length but is very thin and lacks width. Due to it being very thin, its fluffiness decreases, making it a worse soft pretzel.

Quality is one of the most essential characteristics in determining whether a pretzel is good. USI’s pretzel is above average in quality. Most of the time, they come out perfect, but their longevity is their biggest concern. UE’s pretzel is significantly below average in the quality department. I have found out that their pretzels are the same ones you can buy from Walmartwalmart for half the price. They are, in fact, the super pretzel brand and aren’t high quality at all. Some may argue that the most essential part of a pretzel is the taste, and I would have to agree with them. It is hard to make pretzels taste bad and that is why both schools pull out of this category with good scores. I will say that USI’s pretzel has a better taste, but UE’s isn’t too far behind.

I will say that both schools oversalt their pretzel and don’t fully understand that salt per square inch ratio. USI’s pretzel has way too much salt and it does take away from the natural and beautiful flavor of the pretzel. UE’s pretzel is in the same boat as putting too much salt on a pretzel, which really does disappoint me. The final factor playing into the best pretzel is determined by the cheese. USI’s cheese is very very much hit or miss. It is either perfect or cold and coiled up like a snake, which confuses me. Although it is very hit or miss the size of the cheese cup makes up for it since it is quite large. UE’s cheese is always on point with temperature and flavor. The only problem with UE’s cheese is the price and size.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Which D1 Basketball Program In The 812 Has The Best Soft Pretzels? In a thrilling competition, the University of USI emerges as the champion. USI's soft pretzel boasts the best overall qualities, outshining UE's pretzel in this delicious showdown.