Spilling My Guts


Olivia Rodrigo’s long awaited sophomore album, Guts, was finally released earlier this week and fans everywhere are going crazy! It’s been 2 years since her debut album Sour was released and became an instant hit and personal favorite of mine.


I always felt like I couldn’t really relate to Taylor Swift or any other teen idol, But when Olivia Rodrigo debuted her music career, I finally found my pop star. She’s able to convey the unseen struggles that I can identify with, so she’s extremely special to me. And really, I think Olivia Rodrigo just makes universally relatable music. With lyrics like, “I can’t even parallel park” and “I think I think too much about kids who don’t know me”, she’s speaking for millions of teenagers around the world.


Every fan of hers knows the pain of the “Olivia drought.” For 2 years, there was no new music from her. Her first album was written and produced when she was 18, and now she’s finally back at 20 years old. Guts has 12 new songs and each one has its own unique personality. Through her music, you can tell that she’s grown so much while still going through the hardships of girlhood. And as a diehard fan of Olivia Rodrigo, here’s my personal top 5 favorite songs from Guts.


  1. Vampire


I honestly love this song with all my whole heart. Her performance in this song is so good. From the vocals (background and main), to the 3 tempo switches, and lyrics, this song was a game changer. Olivia released it before the rest of the album, giving us a taste of what the rest of the album would be like. It’s so beautiful in the beginning, and by the end it’s something new all together, but it still keeps the same message. I think that translates in the transition from Sour to Guts. Her new album is different from the last, but it still has the same heart that she had from the beginning. 


  1. Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl


It’s honestly a little embarrassing how much I relate to this song, but the undertones of this album is the feeling of embarrassment anyways so it’s fitting. The way that social anxiety is portrayed in this song through the instrumentals, getting louder and faster as the song goes on, is so good.


  1. All-American


What. A. Song. It encapsulates exactly what people expect from American women specifically. I could deep-dive into this song and what it means as a commentary on society, but I would literally be writing an entirely different blog by the end of it. I love her scream at the bridge too. It’s so clean and I saw some people hating on it, but I feel like it goes so well with the song.


  1. Get Him Back!


The style of this song is so 2010’s and I’m living for it. I’m in love with the double meaning and the whole vibe of this song. Every song in this album is so good, -076 but this one stands out to me. Her music video is so good too. I’m in love. 


  1. Love is Embarrassing


The drums and guitar are my favorite parts of this song, it brings out her voice and the tone of this song so well. She portrays the teenage experience so well and this song is just another example of her incredible talent and skill.


I’m just so glad that Olivia’s back again with new music! She absolutely blew me away and I’m so excited for her projects in the future.