Wednesday, July 24th Forecasted as Indiana's Most Perfect Evening of the Year

What's the most perfect evening of the year for Hoosiers?

For those fortunate enough to have a backyard, one of the greatest pleasures is spending a summer evening dining alfresco. Alfresco dining transforms a simple meal into a memorable experience, combining the pleasures of good food with the beauty of eating outdoors. Moreover, dining outside can be a wonderful way to connect with family and friends.

But if you were to choose one night of the year that would be the most perfect to eat under the stars, which would it be?

Using publicly available weather data from WeatherSpark, cabinet manufacturer Fabuwood identified the most perfect evening of summer in each state for an outdoor meal. They determined the ideal nighttime temperatures for alfresco dining to be around 75°F, and combined this with the date with the least chance of rain. This allowed them to map out the data and pinpoint the most perfect evenings of the summer in each state where temperatures are closest to 75°F and when the chances of rainfall are most limited.

According to the weather data, Hoosiers are likely to experience their most perfect evening of summer on Wednesday, July 24th. On this night, the temperature is expected to hover around 76°F with an 18.5% chance of rain. 

Oregonians will have to wait the longest for their most perfect evening of summer 2024 - on August 1st. Nighttime temperatures are predicted to be around 64°F with a 2% chance of rain.

Fabuwood has created an interactive map showing each state’s most perfect evening of the summer 2024, making it easier to plan your ideal outdoor meal.  By knowing when to expect the perfect conditions, families can look forward to these special evenings and make the most of their time together under the stars.

"The kitchen is the heart of the home, and extending that warmth and functionality to outdoor spaces makes for truly magical summer evenings," said Moe Soloff of Fabuwood.

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