U.S. 41 Pedestrian Crossing Open House Scheduled for May 12

Public open house scheduled for May 12 at Bosse High School

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will hold a public open house on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at the Benjamin Bosse High School Cafeteria located at 1300 Washington Avenue, Evansville, IN 47714. The purpose of this event is to offer all interested persons an opportunity to view and comment on the recommended pedestrian crossing at US 41. The intent of the project is to improve pedestrian safety for individuals trying to cross US 41. To provide participants time to view displays and speak with project representatives, doors will be open from 4-6 p.m. (CDT).

The project is located on US 41 at the intersection of Washington Avenue in Knight Township, Vanderburgh County, within INDOT’s Vincennes District. The High-Rail Pedestrian Trail runs along the west side of US 41 within the project limits and connects to the sidewalks on the north and south sides of Washington Avenue. Benjamin Bosse High School is located in the northeast corner of this intersection. Based on safety concerns for pedestrian and bicycle traffic at the intersection, a grade separated crossing is warranted at this location. A pedestrian bridge is being recommended on the north side of the US 41 and Washington Avenue intersection. INDOT is seeking stakeholder and public input on the project.

At present, both state and federal funds are available for project construction. A Categorical Exclusion Level 2 or 4 document will be prepared for this project to fully evaluate the project impacts. Project materials, including display boards and information from this open house, will be available to view at https://www.in.gov/indot/2707.htm after the date of the public open house, or upon request.

Persons with limited internet access can request project information be mailed to them. For more information, contact Christine Meador at  HNTB, 111 Monument Circle, Suite 1200, Indianapolis, IN 46204; or at cmeador@HNTB.com or 317-636-4682.

This in-person public open house will include appropriate social distancing measures. Meeting attendees and the project team are required to wear masks per local ordinance. Social distancing will be practiced. Attendees who do not have a mask will be provided one, and hand sanitation stations will be available. For those that would like to participate virtually, information from this open house, including display boards, will be available to view at https://www.in.gov/indot/2707.htm.

In accordance with the “Americans with Disabilities Act”, if you have a disability or need assistance with accessibility such as document viewing, interpreters or readers, please contact Christine Meador, HNTB, 111 Monument Circle, Suite 1200, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or cmeador@HNTB.com or 317-636-4682 regarding accommodations.

Comments can be submitted in writing via a comment form or verbally at the public open house. Submissions can also be made through the U.S. Postal Service or E-mail. Comments should be addressed to Christine Meador, HNTB, 111 Monument Circle, Suite 1200, Indianapolis IN 46204 or cmeador@HNTB.com. Comments will be accepted through Friday June 4, 2021.

This notice is published in compliance with: 1) Code of Federal Regulations, Title 23, Section 771 (CFR 771.111(h)(1) states: “Each State must have procedures approved by the FHWA to carry out a public involvement/public hearing program.” 2) 23 CFR 450.210(a)(1)(ix) stating: “Provide for the periodic review of the effectiveness of the public involvement process to ensure that the process provide full and open access to all interested parties and revise the process, as appropriate.”; and 3) INDOT Public Involvement Policies and Procedures were approved by the FHWA on August 16, 2012.

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