SICTC College and Career Fair

SICTC's Annual College and Career Fair is set! Interested businesses can register online now through November 1.

Attention local businesses!

SICTC's Annual College and Career Fair allows you to meet almost 900 juniors and seniors in high school that have an interest in the careers you offer. This is a unique opportunity to meet talented young people while they are in high school and help grow them into the productive workforce of tomorrow. We'd love to have you attend!

Find out more and register online at

Date of Event:
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center, 1901 Lynch Road, Evansville, IN 47711

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - STUDENT SESSION

The 2021 SICTC Annual College and Career Fair will give you the opportunity to talk to almost 900 juniors and seniors from 20 programs that the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center offers. Last year our students earned over 3200 dual credits, over 300 industry certifications, and almost 300 internship/job rotations. These students are looking for their next steps in the college and career pathway.

Due to COVID, we will have some safety precautions in place for this event. The College and Career Fair will look different than it has in the past. Some of those changes include:
-Tables will be at least 6 feet apart to help socially distance.
-All participants (students, staff, vendors) will wear masks.
-Sanitization stations will be throughout the areas.
-Tables will be set up in the Commons, Assembly Hall, the wide hallways, the Building Trades lab, and Automotive Services lab.
-Students will be sent out in shifts so tables of like interest will not be overloaded at any one time.
-Lunch will not be offered as it has been in the past.

SICTC will provide an 8 foot Lifetime table, 2-4 chairs, water and coffee.

Thanks for your consideration. Please register by November 1.

For more information about our school, please go to

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