DJ Livy B's Thanksgiving Feast

Every year Americans across the country await the foodie holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. Everyone has different thanksgiving meals and each holiday season brings the ultimate debate of what should be in everyone’s Thanksgiving feast. So, I am here to give you my take on the debate and what my Thanksgiving feast looks like.

DJ Livy B’S Thanksgiving Feast:


I think that the most important part of a Thanksgiving meal is the main course. My mom always makes Dr. Pepper Ham and my aunt brings Roasted Turkey, which is my favorite. I am not the biggest fan of ham. I am very much so a texture person and ham is just a little too fatty and chewy for me. I love the texture and taste of turkey so much, so it has to be ranked #1 in my Thanksgiving feast.


Next up we have what I would say is the 2nd most popular traditional Thanksgiving foods, stuffing. Now, I know some people like to make stuffing homemade, but my family has always made it from a box. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it tastes alot better that way. I love the taste of stuffing and how it compliments the rest of the meal so well. 

  1. ROLLS

Okay, so I know that rolls are the most basic side to most holiday and regular meals, but this has always been one of the foods I most look forward to on Thanksgiving. My mom and I always get hawaiian rolls and put butter in them before baking them in the oven. We always make several packages of them because they are such a hit and everyone snacks on them while we wait for the other food to finish being prepared.


Now this is my all time favorite Thanksgiving dessert. My aunt makes the absolute BEST Chocolate pudding pie of all time. I have no idea how she makes it but it has a perfect balance between sweet and savory. 


Lastly we have the most basic side dish, Mashed potatoes and gravy, but I feel like you always need to have the ground work for a great meal and that is why I have mashed potatoes and gravy here. They are so useful. Say that someone brought a casserole or a turkey that’s a little too dry, just pour some gravy over it to give it some flavor. Also, there are those people out there who don’t like vegetables, but are forced to eat them during Thanksgiving and mixing these together is the perfect solution to make it easier to withstand.