Evansville Ranked as Having the Best Pizzerias in America

Evansville was the top-placed city in Indiana (42nd place overall)!

The craft of pizza-making has been honed and perfected for centuries, and when it comes to the debate over which city serves up the best slice of pizza in the U.S., the discourse is as heated as a wood-fired oven.

A recent study by Pizzello.com has sought to uncover which towns and cities across America the best pizzas can be ordered from. This wasn't just a frivolous foray into flatbreads; it was an in-depth analysis of average Google reviews from the nation’s 500 most populous towns and cities. The result was a definitive list of top-tier pizza destinations. revealing which towns and cities across America the best pizzas can be ordered from.

The top 10 were as follows:

#1 NYC (4.68)

At the top of this list, New York City proudly sits with an average Google rating of 4.68. This might not come as a shock to many, given the city’s storied association with the beloved dish.  The legacy of pizza in New York also cannot be ignored. It's home to America's first pizzeria, Lombardi's, which fired up its ovens in 1905. This long-standing tradition means that New York doesn’t just make pizza; it lives and breathes pizza. This is evident in the generations of family-owned pizzerias that dot the cityscape, each with its own story and a secret recipe that's a slice of New York's history.

#2 Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.65)

Tulsa claims the second spot, with its pizzerias averaging a Google review score of 4.65. This may come as a surprise to those who haven't experienced Tulsa's burgeoning pizza scene. In the heart of America, Tulsa's pizza makers are blending traditional approaches with a distinctive Oklahoma twist, earning the city a well-deserved reputation as a pizza destination.

#3 Los Angeles, California (4.63)

Coming in at third is Los Angeles, with an average score of 4.63. Known for its glitz and glamor, LA's pizza scene is as diverse as its population. From upscale, artisanal pies to classic, family-owned joints, the city's innovative toppings and diverse styles reflect its creative and eclectic spirit.

#4 Peoria, Arizona (4.61)

Peoria came in fourth place with a score of 4.61. This desert city might be a dark horse in the pizza race, but it stands out with its unique blend of Southwestern flavors that add a bold twist to the classic pizza formula.

#5 Jonesboro, Arkansas (4.6)

Just behind with a score of 4.6, Jonesboro rounded up the 5th spot. Jonesboro's pizza parlors are known for their hospitality and charm, serving up slices that are both comforting and innovative, capturing the essence of Southern culinary traditions.

#6 Fullerton, California (4.59)

Fullerton emerges as another top contender. This Southern California city brings a fresh take to the pizza scene, with pizzerias that pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients to craft pizzas that are both fresh and flavorful.

#7 Iowa City, Iowa (4.57)

Seventh place goes to Iowa City with a score of 4.57. This college town brings a youthful energy to its pizza offerings, with creative toppings and vibrant atmospheres that make each pizzeria a local hangout as much as a place to eat.

#8 Glendale, Arizona (4.56)

In 8th place, Glendale's pizzerias offer a slice of the Southwest, with a touch of the traditional, ensuring that every pizza is as memorable as the city's sunsets.

#9 Albuquerque, New Mexico (4.55)

Albuquerque makes it into the top 10, with an average Google review of 4.55. Known for its rich cultural cooking, Albuquerque's pizzerias incorporate the bold flavors and spices New Mexico is famous for, giving their pizzas a distinctive, flavorful kick.

#10 Denver, Colorado (4.54)

Rounding out the top ten is Denver, with a score of 4.54. Denver's high-altitude pizzerias are elevating the pizza game, offering everything from traditional pizzas to innovative creations that are as adventurous as the city's inhabitants.

The state of Indiana had 6 cities which are ranked as having among the best pizzerias in the country. These were:

#42 Evansville (4.51): Evansville's pizza scene shines with Midwestern comfort, featuring hearty toppings and flavors that are as welcoming as the town itself.

#67 Gary (4.50): Gary's unpretentious and hearty pizzas reflect the city's industrial background, with a focus on satisfying the hard-working community.

#124 Indianapolis (4.46): Indianapolis's culinary scene is a mix of varied pizza styles, with everything from traditional Italian to inventive pies.

#119 Lafayette (4.46): Lafayette's pizzas are known for their classic Midwestern heartiness, featuring generous toppings and rich flavors.

#145 South Bend (4.45): South Bend's pizza joints hearty craft pies with robust flavors.

#220 Bloomington, Indiana (4.44): Bloomington's vibrant college town energy is infused in its pizza scene, with eclectic toppings and diverse styles that cater to an international palate.

Infographic showing the top 250 cities for pizza in America, based on average Google review scores

Pizzello also carried out a survey of 1,000 pizza lovers to delve deeper into Americans’ love of the famous dish.

The survey uncovered that the average pizza connoisseur is willing to travel for up to 26 minutes to lay their hands on their most cherished pie. Reflecting a penchant for the unique and artisanal, over half of the respondents (52%) expressed a preference for independent pizzerias over larger chains. Additionally, a significant 40% of pizza enthusiasts are confident that their homemade pizzas surpass those they could purchase at restaurants or pizza shops.

The survey also ventured into the contentious realm of pizza toppings, querying which varieties the public deems unacceptable for the dinner table… Leading the pack of divisive flavors was the Hawaiian pizza, with 26% of participants decrying its combination of ham and pineapple. Following in second place was the White pizza, with 22% of the vote, and the Mushroom pizza in third with 16%. Here's a rundown of the contentious toppings and their dissenting percentages:

1. Hawaiian Pizza: This pizza's combination of ham and pineapple can be contentious due to the clash of sweet and savory flavors, which some purists argue doesn't belong on a pizza. The juicy pineapple also adds a level of moisture that can be off-putting to those who prefer a crispier crust.

2. White Pizza (Bianca): Some may find the absence of tomato sauce on a White Pizza to be lacking in the traditional tang and richness that the sauce provides. Additionally, the use of garlic and ricotta can be a bit too bland or rich for those accustomed to the classic pizza flavor profile.

3. Mushroom Pizza: Mushrooms, while earthy and umami-rich, can also carry a texture that some diners find slippery or chewy. Mushroom pizzas might be disliked by those who are not fond of the fungi's distinct flavor or by those who prefer a wider variety of toppings.

4. Spinach and Feta Pizza: The combination of spinach and feta offers a sharp departure from traditional pizza toppings and can be seen as overpowering, especially with the strong, salty tang of feta cheese, which may not appeal to all taste buds.

5. Meat Lovers' Pizza: This protein-packed pizza can be too intense and greasy for some, with the abundance of meats overwhelming the palate and the pizza itself, sometimes resulting in a soggy crust beneath the weight of all the toppings.

6. BBQ Chicken Pizza: The barbecue sauce brings a smoky sweetness that deviates from the classic pizza base flavor, and not everyone appreciates this bold departure. The combination of chicken and barbecue sauce can also stray too far from traditional Italian pizza roots for some.

7. Sausage Pizza: While sausage is a beloved topping for many, it can sometimes dominate the pizza with its spiced and herby profile. Those who prefer a more balanced flavor might find sausage pizza too one-note or pungent.

8. Supreme Pizza: While intended to be a crowd-pleaser, the Supreme Pizza can be overwhelming with its medley of flavors, and some diners may find the combination of so many different toppings to be too chaotic on the palate.

9. Veggie Pizza: A Veggie Pizza's mix of vegetables can be a delight for some but can come off as a bit bland or too ‘healthy-tasting’ for those who prefer the indulgence of meatier, cheesier options.

10. Four Cheese Pizza: A Four Cheese Pizza is a celebration of dairy that can sometimes be too rich or monotonous in taste. Those who prefer more texture and flavor contrasts on their pizza might find this cheese-only option a bit too one-dimensional.

To round off the survey, a hopeful 37% of participants maintain the belief that pizza, despite its indulgent reputation, can be a healthy meal option, perhaps justifying the frequent inclusion of this beloved dish in their diet.