Embracing Magic Beyond the Ice: Disney's Frozen and Encanto Teach Valuable Lessons

Embracing Magic Beyond the Ice: Disney's Frozen and Encanto Teach Valuable Lessons
By: DJ Livy B 
As the lights dim and the arena fills with excitement, there's a palpable buzz in the air. Families gather, children clutching their favorite plush characters, and anticipation mounts. Disney on Ice is back, and this year, it brings with it the enchanting worlds of Frozen and Encanto. However, beyond the spectacle of dazzling performances and intricate choreography, lies a deeper message—one that resonates with both children and adults alike.In a world where the allure of magic often dominates children's imaginations, Disney's Frozen and Encanto offer a refreshing perspective. These tales don't just showcase extraordinary powers; they also emphasize the importance of embracing one's uniqueness and the power of imagination.
Frozen, with its beloved characters Elsa and Anna, teaches children that magic isn't just about casting spells or possessing extraordinary abilities. It's about harnessing the power within oneself—accepting who you are and embracing your strengths, no matter how unconventional they may seem. Elsa's journey of self-discovery, as she learns to control her powers and finds the courage to be true to herself, serves as a poignant reminder that everyone has their own brand of magic. Encanto, the vibrant tale set in Colombia, further reinforces this message by showcasing a family blessed with magical gifts. Yet, amidst the enchantment, lies the story of Mirabel, who seemingly lacks any special abilities. Through her journey, children learn that magic isn't confined to mystical powers—it's present in the everyday moments, in the bonds of family, and in the strength of one's character. Mirabel's resilience and resourcefulness highlight the notion that true magic lies within each individual, waiting to be discovered.
Disney on Ice masterfully brings these narratives to life, captivating audiences with mesmerizing performances and captivating storytelling. Yet, amidst the spectacle, it subtly imparts valuable lessons—teaching children that they don't need magical powers to be extraordinary. Instead, their imagination is their most valuable tool, capable of creating wonders beyond the realms of fantasy. As families leave the arena, hearts aglow with the magic of Disney, they carry with them more than just memories of spectacular performances. They carry a profound understanding—that true magic isn't found in spells or enchantments, but in the boundless potential of the human spirit.
In the end, Disney's Frozen and Encanto remind us all, young and old alike, that the most extraordinary magic resides within us—and it's just waiting to be unleashed. So, let us heed this timeless lesson, and together, let our imaginations soar, for in our dreams and aspirations, lies the true essence of magic.