Pizza Panic!


Pizza, 94% of the population according to Parade Magazine eats it. Gus and I also eat pizza as we are 94% of the population. We are big deep dish pizza fans. Gus is a triangle pizza type of guy; meanwhile, I like my square pizzas. Personally, I like supreme pizza, but Gus, on the other hand, prefers pepperoni. If I had to guess, most people refer to pepperoni as the most beloved topping which is quite valid. Gus believes the best time to enjoy pizza is at a party with friends. This makes sense as a pizza is THE sharing food with its multiple slices. Pizza is also a great food to enjoy while home alone watching your favorite show or movie after a long hard day. Another great thing about pizza is that you don’t have to leave the house to get some. You can order some great pizza to be delivered to your house, and it will be freshly made and still hot. One of the greatest things to happen to pizza is delivery. Pizza became the go-to food for those who just didn’t feel like socializing that night. Gus and I prefer our triangle pizza crust soft, but our square pizza crunchy as all things should be. Frozen pizza is another great thing to have around if you don't make yourself a meal. It’s so easy to make; you just heat up the oven and throw it in for about 20 minutes and you’re good to go.