2024 Awards

Indiana Association of School Broadcasters

Radio In Depth - Carter McCord - Honorable Mention 

Sports Update - Madeline Degenhart - 2nd place

Vodcast - Madeline Degenhart, Mariah Moore, Kaelyn Austin - Honorable Mention 

Sound Design - Gracelyn Sullivan and Olivia Burklow - Honorable Mention 

Original Drama - Olivia Burklow, Tori Abernathy, Mariah Moore, Bryce Harter - 2nd Place

Corporate Video - Mariah Moore - Honorable Mention 

Student Media Website - 1st Place

Social Media Presence - 2nd Place

Imaging - Olivia Burklow - Honorable Mention 

Motion Graphics - Cole Morgan - Honorable Mention  AND Kaelyn Austin - 3rd place

Interview - Tori Abernathy - 2nd place

Radio Air Personality - Jinnis Gerth (Finalist and 3rd place)

Radio News Anchor - Madeline Degenhart (Finalist and 2nd place)

TV News Anchor - Madeline Degenhart (Finalist and 1st place)

3rd place Emerging Media School of the Year


Indiana High School Journalism Association 

Indiana High School Journalist of the Year Finalist - Madeline Degenhart


Wabash Valley College High School Emmy Awards

1st Place:

Best Use of Sound in a Video - Gracelyn Sullivan and Olivia Burklow

Best Use of Motion Effects - Mariah Moore

Best Corporate Video - Cole Morgan

Best Video Podcast - Madeline Degenhart, Mariah Moore

Best Music Video - Aidan Paul

Best Online Content - MCOMII Class

Best Radio Sports Show - Hunter Fulkerson and Carter McCord

Radio Air Check - Jinnis Gerth

Radio Newscast - Madeline Degenhart

Radio Interview - Tori Abernathy

Radio Imaging - Olivia Burklow

Radio In Depth - Carter McCord

Radio Podcast - Jinnis Gerth and Cole Morgan

Radio Drama - Real Elves of Santa's Workshop



WPSR Newscast - Jinnis Gerth, Cole Morgan, Aidan Paul, Victoria Abernathy

Best Short Film - Hunter Fulkerson