Where Did the Love Go?

Picture me this, you're on your dream date with the person you like. It looks nice, right? You enjoy spending time with your person. Do you like doing things with them, going places? It sounds perfect and maybe even one day you'll ask them to marry you at some point in the future. You'll have your ups and downs of course but you work through it because you're a team! Sounds like a fantasy honestly that I wish I could live in. Love doesn’t seem the way it used to be. 

Love has slowly drifted from us today. When I think of love I think of the way a mother looks at her newborn baby, a kind gesture, my parent's marriage of 25 years. Yes, you have your hardships but heck who doesn’t. The movies from the ’90s made love seem so beautiful, but anymore with new movies,  love just seems twisted with games. I can’t quite wrap my head around how blind we are to love. How we can hurt someone we care so deeply for? Love doesn’t have to be materialistic or even physical touch but it can be your actions and words. 

Let me ask you, what is your love language? What are the qualities or even the morals you look for in a person? Do you like stubbornness or oh so sweet? Taking away from physical features, what do you first notice about your person? Now physically what do you notice? I notice the way someone smiles and the sound of their voice. Whatever it is you notice about the other person just know that that’s your person and you should love them for their flaws and their silliness and whatever it is that comes along with them. That’s how you know they are made for you when you can accept the little things. 

I think that teenagers and young adults don’t know how to be in love the “right way.” My personal opinion of love is like a country song on a sunny day in a field of flowers just dancing with a person that makes you so undeniably happy. I think we sometimes dive in too fast with the things that shouldn’t matter right away. I think before you go through all the BASES of knowing someone you should really get to know if you like the person not just for their physical appearance but their personality and their morals/values. I think some of us forget that. Who am I kidding? I've never been in a relationship but I think you should set your standards higher because if you want to be with your person for a lifetime then you should definitely take some of the things I’ve mentioned into consideration.  

That being said...

Love your friends and family, love unconditionally, and love yourself most of all because in order to love someone else you should try to love yourself first.  Now do me a favor, listen to a song that you love with the person that you love!


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