Just take a moment to feel your heartbeat. Is it pumping? Faster and faster… is it panic or anxiety? Maybe it’s both, but sometimes I wonder if the world is crashing down on me all in one second. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only sane person in a crowded room or even worse, I’m the craziest out of everyone. The overwhelming, overthinking moments of life are what's generally on my mind. Can you relate? 

Crazy. There are many kinds of crazy but what box of crazy do you put yourself in? Crazy like a soccer mom, crazy like you eat pickles with peanut butter, or crazy like you just don't know how to tolerate silly people. I wonder if the little things that people do to irritate me are not that bad but that I overreact? Okay maybe sometimes but honestly there are just people that drive me crazy. Have you ever met a Suzy sunshine? If not I pray that you never do unless you like overly happy people. Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I need happiness to drag me out of my miserable… well time will tell. 

I also just think maybe I need to try an exercise, shall we try together? 

  1. Close your eyes 

  2. Take a deep breath 

  3. And let all your worries and frustrations subside  

The word CrAzY. What does it mean to me? It could mean goofy and strange. So maybe I’m a little crazy but I’m not as crazy as some of the people I’ve met over the years. There was this one time that I was at work and this woman was deliberately being mean to a customer just to be mean. Now I thought to myself, am I the only one whose blood is boiling? Think about this - Would you or would you not be mean to a person on purpose? It also depends on what kind of person you are. 

Crazy can mean so many different things to so many people. I want you to think of what kind of crazy you are. Discover your crazy side by doing something you like or enjoy.  

I suppose my crazy is wanting to live in a world where we live in a polaroid kind of frame and eat burgers with friends at a drive-in movie and have fun driving through the countryside while blaring music by C.C.R...where friendship is like a Sandlot movie and for love to be like going to church on a Sunday. Maybe that’s just silly but it sounds nice.  

So if you're questioning how crazy you are, see a psychiatrist, talk to a friend, or just embrace your nutty tendencies because without a little crazy there wouldn’t be much to live for, or at least in my opinion it would. Don’t be the kind of crazy where you rob banks or get caught vandalizing your local grocery store but do good crazy… if that’s even such a thing. Nevertheless, be goofy, be wild, be good, BE YOU!


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