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Staying Motivated and On Task (Even When You Feel Exhausted)


“Yawn”....”I think I’ll just scroll through instagram one more time..” “It’s getting late, I can’t do any more work, I might as well just go to bed.” 


We can all admit that we have had days like this, today may even be a day like that. However, there are things we can do to help keep our procrastination from getting the best of us. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to focus on or think about when I just can’t seem to drag out any motivation. 


My first tip is to take whatever you are dreading and find the elements that you enjoy. My example would be cleaning my room. I hate cleaning my room but there is a point where I get so overwhelmed that I just force myself to clean. The thing I use as motivation is how nice my room will look after I clean. That is what I enjoy about it so that is what gets me through cleaning it. 


Tip #2: Don’t forget to take breaks. However, there is definitely a happy medium on this one. If you just can’t focus on a task, you are probably taking wayyy too many breaks. Whether it is scrolling through tiktok or watching “just one more episode” of the hottest new show, it is probably pretty distracting; however, doing these things in healthy amounts could benefit you. If you are working on a task and set a goal of “work for 50 minutes, break for 10 minutes” you are more likely to thoroughly work for those 50 minutes because you are looking forward to your break.


Don’t forget to stay positive AND organized when you have tasks to complete. The key to success is staying positive no matter what you’re taking part in!