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Sam's Guide to Surviving High School

High school, while only four years of a person’s childhood, is arguably the most substantial part of a person’s life. In high school, you find friends that you will stay with forever, decisions will be made to decide your future, and you find out who you truly are as a person. While high school can be overwhelming and scary for absolutely everyone, it doesn’t have to be. Through my three-step guide, I hope to educate future high school students about high school as a whole and tell them things that I wish I knew as a kid going into high school. 


  1. Find What Works for You:

This can be taken in many different ways and can be applied in many different settings, but it’s important to be yourself in high school. Find what works for you in all aspects of high school. That means finding out what kind of student you want to be and what strategies you are going to use to reach your educational goals. While many people like to take notes on a computer, that may not work for everyone so find what is best for you. In addition to that, find out what the best strategy is for you when it comes to studying and preparing for tests. Whether it’s note cards or cramming right before the test, there is a studying method out there for everyone and it’s important to find that out as early as possible so you can become more efficient at it and better prepare yourself all the way through school.


  1. Don’t Be Scared:

Again, this is another tip that I feel applies to many different aspects of schooling. First off, and probably most importantly, don’t be scared to ask questions. Whether it is students or teachers, someone is always there to help you. If you don’t understand something, then ask about it! Teachers are there to teach so if you don’t know something, let them help you! Alongside asking questions, it’s important to not be scared of trying new things. High school is designed to give you opportunities to try all sorts of new things and it’s important to use that to your advantage. The more exposure you have to different subjects and experiences, the more defined your goals and interests will be as you move on past high school and into the adult world. 


  1. Have Fun: 

While in high school, you should be focused on your education, but it is important to know when it is time to step away from schooling for a little bit and have some fun. School is stressful and everybody has their limits whenever they need to relax and have some fun. Find something that you love doing and find some friends that you enjoy being around. Understand that high school is going to be difficult and is going to take a lot of time to complete, but it is all worth it in the end. You’re not expected to do it all by yourself either, so have some fun when it’s appropriate and enjoy being yourself! You’re in high school and are still a kid so act like a kid sometimes. Utilize your free time to do something that you enjoy doing and give yourself a break from all the stress of school. Find the right balance and don’t let school completely control your whole life. 

High school is not going to be the most fun part of your life, but it is massively important for your future. Be prepared to be challenged and pushed to your limits at times but don’t forget to have fun. Find your group of people and join a club or a sport to get fully involved in the high school experience. You only go through high school once so enjoy it. Don’t be scared to ask other high schoolers for help while you’re going through high school and even before you start. Everyone has their own experiences and advice so it will never hurt to hear advice from other people besides myself. All I can say is good luck, have fun, and stay safe.