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NTI TCG Backstory


When I was at math tutoring last week with my Algebra 1 teacher, I looked toward the back of the classroom and saw a poster. After seeing the poster I remembered that a group of students made them for a class project for the same math teacher a few years ago. So I started to talk to him about me revamping the cards and he said he would have to find the files. We also talked about how big they should be and I showed him a card game’s cards. He said he knows a person that prints baseball cards. 

After that, I remembered a card game my family plays and I pulled it up on my school laptop and I said would this work, because it was big enough to see everything from the number to the text. And before writing this I had gotten the cards from someone who had started revamping the game. I don’t have the original rules or the revamped rules, so I am going to be making the rules from scratch and I have plans for how simple and interesting this is going to be. 

The next morning I had talked about revamping the game and another person I knew said he would help with the rules and card effect. On the same day, my friend asked what his role in this would be and I said pitching it and marketing it to his afternoon class teacher and trying to get it in the school store at New Tech Institute. 

So, stay tuned and I will plan to share more about this game and when it will launch so you can see it as well.