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My List of 10 Best Drum Brands

Here are the top 10 best drums brands in the world

  1. Tama -  Tama has offices all around the world. It started in 1965 and Tama is most famous for many professional drummers' use of the brand. Tama sells drum kits for everyone. There are even some drummers that play Tama’s drums during live events.
  2. DW - DW is also known as DW drums. It was founded in 1972 and most of the DW’s drums are customed by the owners of DW. DW shows off the wood grain on the drumsets. The DW drum kits may be expensive but they are worth the money.
  3. Yamaha - Yamaha was started in 1887 by Torakusu. Yamaha has 3 factories in Japan and many in the United States. They have custom stage packs that are famous.
  4. Sonor - Sonor was founded in 1875. Sonor is the oldest company in the world for drums. The drums are known to be really heavy. The Sonor drums became light and then moved to heavy.
  5. Pearl - Pearl is one of the most common names in instrumental drums. They have headquarters in Japan and the brand is getting known more in Japan. The drums have a 22” bass. 
  6. Ludwig - Ludwig was founded in 1909. A lot of professional drummers use Ludwig for their live performances. It's perfect to use Ludwig as you are trying to get better with the drums.
  7. Gretsch - Gretsch was founded in 1883. The brand is from New York. Gretsch has top-quality drums that sound amazing. The biggest kits are in Brooklyn. The drums have warm good looks.
  8. Canopus - Canopus was founded in 1977. They offer drum shells. Canopus Ash Standard Drumset is their most famous drum set. They have a lot of equipment and can help you get better at the drums.
  9. Noble & Cooley - Noble & Cooley was founded in 1854. They're one of the oldest brands and the best brands you can look for. They are known to be a classic brand. Reviews said that they have top-notch quality on their drums.
  10. British Drum Company -  British Drum Company was founded in 2015 and it is the youngest top ten drum brands in the world. They have a Skye blue 4-peace drum kit. Since it's called the British Drum Company all the drums are made in Britain.