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My Favorite January Holidays!

My Favorite January Holidays!

Caroline Diamond

January is one of my favorite months (you’ll find out why later!). In my opinion, January is one of the driest months holiday wise but I have taken it upon myself to find the best, most fun holidays in January. 

First of all, we will talk about what month it is! Let's start out with Soup month, which is January!! Isn’t that just perfect for one of the coldest months of the year. To celebrate this wonderful holiday, you could throw a soup party!! You could also volunteer at a soup kitchen, or make soup for a neighbor, or someone you know who is sick with one of those gross January colds. :( 

It is also National Hobby Month. What better way to start off the New Year than with a new hobby! Whether it is a new fitness hobby, knitting, couponing, painting, gardening, hiking, or biking it is a great time to start your new hobby! I have been trying to decide on a new hobby for myself to start this month. I think a good one for me to try would be baking. I want to enhance my knowledge on baking so what better time to start than now!

January is also National Retail Bakers month! Fun Fact about me is that I actually work in baking retail, I didn’t know there was a whole month dedicated to it!! 

An interesting holiday this month is No Pants on the Subway day! This day is on January 9th (I am writing this blog on January 11th so January 9th has already passed) but every year this date is announced in December so if you are a frequent subway driver, make sure that you look out for this day so you know what day to NOT ride the subway!

The best day in January is the 15th. The reason I say that is because that day is my birthday! This day is also national bagel day so, on the 15th you can eat a delicious bagel and think of Caroline Diamond!

On January 16th we can all celebrate Appreciate a Dragon day! A way that you can celebrate this special day is by watching a dragon themed movie or even sketch out a picture of your favorite dragon! 

Are you still not finding a special holiday that you can really vibe with yet? Maybe you have a special day based on your name! Is your name Erika? Your special day is January 2nd. Calling all Clara’s and Rachel’s! Your day is January 4th! Austin, Carter, and Faith are on the 9th, National Kathleen day is January 13th. The 23rd is National Aiden and Pedro day. And finally national Matthew day is January 25th. Even if you didn’t see your name in this post, it still could possibly have its own day! There are sooo many, too many to name. 

I will leave you with one final national holiday on January 24th, National Compliment Day. Don’t forget to compliment at least one person everyday but on January 24th, go all out with the compliments! Who doesn’t love a good compliment. Here is my compliment to all of the people reading this: You’re the best!!