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Let's Travel to Europa Park

During National Phantom’s European Vacation, I got to visit Europe’s masterpiece of a theme park… Europa Park. Let me tell ya, it was glorious. Legitimately, it was the perfect way to wrap up my European expedition. I’ll put it this way, if you have a trip to Europe booked, Europa Park is a must. Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany, but why is Europa Park essential? Lucky for you, I got the answers.

As an American, I get quickly awestruck by European customs. Not only is this place a BLAST, but the park is very educational. The theme park has 15 different sections, and the themed areas are based on European countries. I was beyond awestruck because each country's section in the park plays music from their country, serves food from their country, and has rides that express their country's customs or history. I got food in the Austrian area, and the schnitzel was beyond delectable. It was very cool to get a small taste of so many European countries.  Here are my top 3 sections of the park:

  1. Norway
  2. Greece
  3. France

Now, allow me to explain why these three portions of the park are my favorites. I love roller coasters, and I especially love roller coasters with a theme. Norway and Greece both had roller coasters that were mythologically themed. The Norway roller coaster was wooden and decorated with Norse Mythology props. The roller coaster in question is called Wodan Timbur, and it GOES. I kid you not, loose change and a toupée whizzed past my head, while I was riding this ride. If you wear a toupée or have a ton of loose change in your pockets, you may wanna steer clear of this ride. If you are a speed junkie like myself, look no further than Wodan Timbur.

In Greece, the most magnificent ride was this water coaster called Poseidon. Tridents were everywhere, and these HUGE Greek statues towered over us as we entered the waiting line. It was so beautiful, maybe the most beautiful ride I’ve ever ridden. Another thing about this park that I love is how efficiently it runs. In America, I’ve waited nearly three hours for rides at Universal Park. The lines moved so fast at Europa Park. I got to ride Poseidon TWICE in 15 minutes.

And finally, without further ado, the France area. Why is France high on my list? Because of their ooey gooey, irresistible crepes. That's all the reason you need to go to the France section in my opinion, but I’m happy to do more convincing. The Eurosat CanCan Coaster is completely indoors and it features Moulin Rouge memorabilia. I’ve never ridden an indoor roller coaster that went so fast, yet wasn’t over before I knew it. Europa Park features many more amazing rides that deliver an immense thrill. With 13 roller coasters and 12 water rides, you may need more than a day at this amusement park. I sure know the time is nigh for me to go back. If you are in Europe and want to have a monumental, unforgettable time, you can’t do any wrong at Europa Park. That’s a Leo Phantom guarantee.