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Have you ever wondered what other people do to sleep or just to relax? I honestly can’t blame you, because I was wondering what this audio trend was about and I have found that it helps me sleep or just relax. I have listened to videos and audios on YouTube and Spotify that have just been so nice to hear. And I thought that it would be a nice idea to do a top ten of what in my OPINION are nice sounds to listen to. For this list, there are no requirements except it is a nice sound.

10. A heartbeat

With this one there is nothing wrong with this. It is a nice and relaxing sound, it makes you feel safe and comfy and is genuinely a nice sound to listen to.

9. A cork coaster

I don’t know why but when someone taps on a cork coaster it sounds good. If someone talks while tapping on a cork coaster it is equally as good or better even in silence it is good.

8. Someone rambling (audible)

It doesn’t matter what they are talking about, because it is just something you can’t really describe or explain why it is good. All you know is that you like it.

7. Someone rambling (inaudible)

Like before It doesn’t matter what they are talking about, because you can't hear them. Unlike before you can explain by saying that it just feels nice to the ears.

6. Talking/Whispering with rain in the background

With calm rain in the background and someone talking it is enjoyable. It has a way of just being that one that you just want to do nothing and listen to.

5. Writing without talking or with

Just hearing the scratching of a pencil or the woosh of a pen on a piece of paper. With whatever they use just hearing them talk or not talk are both equally nice to listen to.

4. A mechanical keyboard

This one is a weird one because when you normally hear a mechanical keyboard it is fine you don’t really care too much. But when you hear audio of it, it just is better than in person and you can explain why but you just like it.

3. Mic brushing with hand/Hairbrush

I don’t know why, but I like it because it makes me feel better and forget the reality of things. And whatever I am feeling at that moment in time, it makes me feel like I am not alone and the only people I have are friends and family.

2. Talking/Whispering while “measuring”

To me, this is the second most perfect thing to listen to, because you get the talking with a bit of measuring and a lot of writing/”mapping” points and it is so calming that no matter what kind of playlist I make with audio like all in this list I always include one of these.

1. Talking (audible/inaudible) while typing with a mechanical keyboard

This is my number one because it doesn’t what it is about or what is happening because all you need to know is it feels right you get to hear someone and you get to hear a mechanical keyboard and it feels right and I highly recommend that you go hear one and see why I like it a lot personally.

That was my top ten of what are nice sounds to listen to. I honestly hope that you listen to them and try to see why I like them. It can be hard to find ways to get a good sleep or just to relax. So I hope that this helped in any way if at all. If you don’t want to try it then I hope you find whatever works for you.