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Best Fast Food Restaurant Grilled Cheeses!

Cheeseburger? How About Grilled Cheese!! 

Caroline Wilson

I have always been a fairly picky eater and so growing up, when my parents mentioned going out to eat or even us just swinging by a drive through on our way home from somewhere it was always kind of difficult for me to decide what I was going to get to eat, and then actually eat it. Through the years I have learned that a lot of restaurants offer a grilled cheese sandwich. Some of these places obviously would have grilled cheese, others may surprise you! I have compiled a list of my top favorite fast food (or just food chains in general) to get grilled cheese! 


First one on my list (of no specific order): Dairy Queen!! If you’re like me you probably had no idea that Dairy Queen offers grilled cheese but SURPRISE!! They do and it is soooo good! The nice warm gooey American cheese is on a piece of their delicious, crunchy, buttery Texas toast (yes, that heavenly toast you get with basket meals)... All of that together is so much goodness. Grilled cheese is not on the menu but at most Dairy Queens, if you ask for a grilled cheese, they will make you one. 


Next up is Zaxby’s grilled cheese! It tastes like a homemade one but about 10x better! If you’re willing to give up the delicious chicken at Zaxby’s for a visit, you should DEFINITELY try their mouthwatering grilled cheese! There is a rumor online that there is an adult meal with grilled cheese but I cannot confirm if that is true. However I know that the kids grilled cheese (the kiddie cheese!) is very filling so an adult meal isn’t exactly necessary but if you wanted to ask and see if they had that, you definitely could! 


Up next is Culver’s grilled cheese! Their grilled cheeses are so buttery, so crispy, so crunchy, so savory, so cheesy, so delectable! I have mega heart eyes for a grilled cheese on sourdough bread and that is exactly what Culvers does so it is a 10/10 for me. Grilled cheese+cheese curds is the perfect meal of every average cheese loving midwesterner! 


I could go on and on about my love for grilled cheese but I would be talking forever and ever. This is just a taste of places that have ahhhhhmazing grilled cheeses and some that are definitely worth trying!