What's Your Favorite Musical Era?

Music is something that will never go out of style, no matter the year, it will always be something that impacts the world. What I find crazy about music is that people of all ages can enjoy music from all eras. Recently I have noticed a trend of old songs coming to the popular app TikTok. Around last year the 1988 song Cars That Go Boom surfaced as a dance trend, shortly after that, a TikTok went viral of a man skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice to the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. These trends show that even on a modern platform made up of mostly teenagers, older music is still relevant. 

I decided to ask my classmates what their favorite era of music is, and what artist they love from that era. 1980s was by far the most popular decade of music among the student staff, but I can’t say I blame them. One student explained how Def Leppard was their favorite band because they have “head-banging material,” another said Judas Priest was their favorite, and another said Journey because “Steve Perry is the best singer ever.” Another popular decade was the 2000s, and one of my classmates’ favorite artists from this time is absolutely iconic, the queen of the early 2000s, Britney Spears. They claimed that she was “incredibly influential on pop culture,” and her music is still a staple in the music world today. Justin Timberlake was also an answer, both his NSYNC boy band career and solo career led him to create some amazing, timeless tunes. 

Moving to more modern music, the 2010s was a majority of my generation's childhood. David Guetta was one of the staff’s favorite artists because he worked with “multiple featured artists,” he created the smash hit Titanium featuring Sia. Khai Dreams is also a chill artist that is favored by another classmate, they claim that his music can get you “motivated and moving,” which is also a great quality to have when it comes to music. More 2000’s artists include Lil Wayne, who a student described as making “legendary music.” The amazing thing about the 2000s was the versatility of the music, no matter if you like rap, country, pop, or even heavy metal, there is a song that you will enjoy from this era.

Now, today’s music gets a lot of negative opinions against it because people claim it is hard to beat the 80’s. While I agree that it is hard to beat the 80’s, there are so many incredible artists that are popular today. Another student who enjoys Polo G and Toosii talks about how they enjoy modern and older rap. Lastly, a student says how they enjoy all eras of music, but they enjoy music from Brendon Urie who is the lead singer of Panic! At the Disco. I personally love modern music, my favorite being Taylor Swift and Harry Styles who were popular in the 2010s and now. 

Like I said before, music is timeless. It can connect us as humans and create bonds that can last a lifetime. I love how old music is surfacing again and becoming popular through modern social media, and newer music is paving the way for the new decade of amazing music. Music is also extremely versatile, there are zero boundaries which allows for an amazing variety of genres. No matter what genre you like, music will always be an important part of keeping the world incredible. 


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