What It's Like Here at 90.7

This is Reson with an inside look at what happens at our station. With my class being the new Senior Staff, we're in charge of almost everything that goes on here. From the production of podcasts or PSA's, all the way to what I'm doing for this week which is brand management. I say this week because of the system our instructor has put into place called job rotations. Each week one group of three people are assigned a job, this week my group was put in charge of brand management. It consists of answering the request line, creating blog posts such as this one, and making sure everyone is awake and on task. Then you have the other groups, like Crimson's, who you've been hearing on air this week. The goal of this weekly rotation program is to get us familiar with all aspects of the media world and for us to be prepared leaving here. 

I'll go into a little more detail about the other rotations we do here too, 

  • Starting off with on air, their job is to leave you entertained and to keep the station running. They go live, handle the news and sports team, find fun facts or weird news to talk about, and go on at least 10 times a day. Those 10 times can be whatever they want to be like news or a hot topic, although 2 of those breaks have to be for news and sports to come on, the times being 1:15 and 1:45. Another part of on air's job is to take your requests through our text/call line, all texts go to an email set up in the on air room and all calls go into the office where brand management will answer you. 


  • News and Sports job is to find breaking news, sports scores, and sports news. They gather all their stories and scores, write out a large script, and present it live at two different times. Usually the group would have three members but they've been down one all week so them being able to pull it off as well as they have has been great.


  • Voice Tracking/ Audio Productions job is to produce the PSA's and liners you hear on the radio. They also record their voices for later in the day for the Afternoon Cruise Control, which no is not live, since we're a school and cannot be here to go live at those times. Their rules are basically the same as on air other than they have an extra hour to do.


  • Podcasting's job is to produce one podcast by the end of each week for your listening pleasure. This week's topic was the most searched google questions in alphabetical order. There's some pretty interesting stuff in there, I'd give it a listen if I were you. Did you know that people are searching about birds that sound like cats? Weird question I know.


  • Then finally we have video production who, in my opinion, have one of the most stressful jobs here. They're tasked with producing videos for class assignments, videos for our YouTube and the SICTC YouTube channels. There is one more job involving video but it's not quite ready yet, that being video news. That rotation will be very similar to news and sports but in a video format.


That's all I've got about our station for now, hopefully that gives you some insight into what we do here.

Until the next time I land in this rotation again, this has been Reson.


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