Topics I Think About Way Too Often

Everyone has things that they occupy their mind with, especially when they have nothing to do. It might be a long bus ride, waiting in line for something, or nothing to do at work. These are the topics that may fill the corner of your mind that you pull at whenever you have a free moment to do so.

  1. How to better our curriculum

As strange as this sounds, this is one of my go-to topics when I am bored. Sometimes, I worry that I might not be prepared for adulthood. So, my brain has decided to live in a fantasy world to think of what it would be like if I could fix it. This is restricted to primary level schooling because I don’t know what college is like but it keeps me occupied all the same. For example, I thought about book taxes. Should they be as high as they are now, should books be as hard to obtain, should books be provided online and in-person or should students be given a physical copy and have to pay for the online one? Going over all of these scenarios would lead to more questions like...what about the kids who can’t afford books of any type? It is why I like to think about it so much. I feel like if someone devotes enough time to try to evolve the system to work out the problems, we might have some great solutions.

  1. My weird habits

Everyone has their habits but I just so happen to have many small ones. My habits are not necessarily noticeable to anyone who isn’t looking directly at me. Of course, anyone who reads this post will be able to point me out in a crowd. When standing still I tend to do calf raises or some sort of tree pose (like the yoga pose). I can’t stay standing still for long so stretching is also common even if I don’t need it. I straighten things around me, or I just look around, in general, to look at things that I could straighten. I almost always have my arms, hands, or fingers crossed in some sort of way and once I get bored I rotate to a different position. If the floor is lined, I line my feet up with the lines and stand there. I usually end up looking a little silly but for some reason, it entertains me. 

  1. Has the number of times I’ve heard this song become unhealthy yet?

I have about fifteen playlists that I could listen to but just like anyone else, I only listen to about two or three of them. They all share a few songs and a few songs cycle in and out sometimes but that’s just how it goes. The problem is, sometimes the shuffler isn’t always random. It can tell that I have a song on a lot of my playlists so it will play that song more often. So I end up hearing a song about five times a day. And this is fine when I’m first listening to the song and it still has that ‘new car smell’ but after about a month, I start to drag my feet. I never thought I would say that I feel bad when I have to remove the songs from my playlists but that’s what it is! It’s guilt. Just don’t tell my mom, she’ll call me sensitive again.

  1. Was I just hyper-focusing or did they stay silent for that long?

I work as a cashier so I am supposed to have these amazing social skills. However, I often encounter these awkward periods of silence when I’m not sure if they said something, so I mutter my response to what I thought they said and hope that it was right. Most of the time, they don’t say anything back and I’m left to wonder if they actually said something or if they just didn’t like my response. My reaction is usually a nervous laugh followed by “Do you want your milk in a bag?”

While this post was a major callout to me I will not be changing any of my habits. Even the playlist one. I will continue to listen to Maniac by Conan Gray until my ears explode.


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