Things to do After High School

For the past 12 years of going to school I never really thought about what I was going to do after I graduated. It was always something silly because I was younger.  Well, that time has come as I graduate next month, and I’m not going to college - well not right after high school anyway. I think it's best to say there are so many different things students like me can do besides jumping back into school, especially after we have just graduated. For example, instead of going back to school this year, I expect myself to be either making money or traveling to a different state or a different country.

Some things you can do if you don’t plan on going to college is work full time at a job you already have or just got. Work for your family and save money. Travel, explore more, and see whatever you can. Try doing charity work around your community. Set more goals for yourself if you haven't already. You can join the military or apply for an internship. Honestly try something that makes you happy, if you like rebuilding cars, for example, try working on some and sell them, side hustles are always a good option if that's your only option if you don't plan to do anything else. But that's ok too.

There are people who never graduated college or didn't even go to college and still became successful. For example, Steve Jobs started school at Reed college and dropped out after only being there for one semester. Now he is worth $10.2 billion dollars. Another person who didn't go to school and still became successful is Ellen DeGeneres she is a good example because she is now worth $400 million dollars. 

In 2013 from a Gallup poll by Elin Johnson only 53% of Americans believed that college is the way to go. Only 41% of them ages 18 to 29-year-olds found college to be the important way to go about things. But what about the rest of that 100% you might ask, well the website never gave me that information but I think that people were out traveling or doing even more things and not even thinking about college, that’s why there's only 41%  of the young voters are worried about college.

I understand that your parents or yourself might even think about college is the only way you'll be successful but there are so many other things you can do before taking that route. In my opinion, I think that my best choice right now is to enjoy myself while I'm young and travel. Because I can always go back to school if I need to. We only live on this earth one time. Why waste more time going to school for a degree that you probably can't even get a job for? After we just finished 12 years of school.

But either way whatever you do is always right.


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