Things I Wish I Could Show to an Early American Pilgrim

I never forget to marvel at how far our society has come from the days of early America. The Revolutionary War, famine, and disease were at the forefront of their days, but we now know bigger things. Space exploration, cures to worldwide diseases, economics and trading, effortless communication across the world, and NASCAR are a few of the ones that really top the list of mankind’s advancements. Sometimes I wish I could show people in early America just how far we have come. If given the chance, these are a few of the things I would wish to show to an early American pilgrim to let them fully understand where their contributions have gotten them. This list may not be all-encompassing, but I feel that it mostly succeeds in rounding out the American experience as we now know it. 

  1. Cotton candy 
    1. You may think it is childish of me to still be amazed at cotton candy, but I will accept that assessment because it would be true. Cotton candy is the product of pure innovation as a society. The science that goes behind it alone is impressive, and seeing it practically comes out of nowhere and grow on a stick is top-notch entertainment. Don’t even get me started on when it melts in your mouth. I think this would blow a pilgrim’s mind and I really wish that they could experience this. They may have called me a witch for trying, but I feel like this would be a necessary risk in order to show them the true beauty of cotton candy. 
  2. Tur-duck-en 
    1. Pilgrims lived quite a hard life-fighting revolutions and all of that jazz, and food was difficult to always be able to provide. I think it would be a good idea to show them how far we have come in the world from the time of pilgrims to the birth of the turducken, a dish that combines turkey, duck, and chicken, a true symbol of improvement and unity in society. 
  3. Starbucks  
    1. Tea was obviously a big hit in early America and eventually fueled a nationwide caffeine addiction that is purely American. Getting their dirty bean water (I’m not much of a coffee drinker) was a luxury, and I can’t help but imagine a pilgrim’s reaction to a frappuccino.  
  4. McDonald’s sprite  
    1. Sticking to the drink route that we’ve ventured on, McDonald’s sprite feels like being punched in the face but the fist that is punching you is also filled with lightning and you’re on a roller coaster. This experience amazes me, a mere girl of the 21st century. I can’t imagine the joy that a pilgrim would feel at the taste of a $1 McDonald’s sprite. 
  5. The Kids Choice Awards
    1. There are a lot of things I have experienced in my short life that have confused me, but the Kids Choice Awards has got to be the one thing (along with BitCoin) that confuses me the more I age. The slime and the unfiltered chaos of this show never cease to amaze me, and I would love for a pilgrim to experience someone getting slimed. This would truly encompass the American experience.


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