The Perfect Valentine's Day

What would you consider a perfect date for Valentine's Day this year if COVID-19 was not present? Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner and COVID is still present in our lives, I wanted to ask the WPSR students what they would typically do on this holiday. 

What comes to my head for a perfect Valentine's Day date would be something normal, for example going out of town for the weekend in a hotel or even just a nice dinner date or just a date night out on the town. But since COVID is a real thing we can't do half of what we would normally do like all of the things that come to my mind.

So I asked my classmates, "What would you do for Valentine's Day if COVID wasn't around?"

As a typical human with a partner, or without one you would probably go on a date and get flowers and chocolates and whatnot with or without a partner. Kind of the same thing anyone would think of going on a date so I asked around the WPSR classroom and got some answers. Here are a couple of my classmate’s responses.

Abby said, “ I would find a date or just have a girl’s night with friends but if your single is just another day, and if you’re not it’s still a regular day for me so I’ll be playing tennis.”

Atticus said, " Nothing because the holiday is just silly because it grosses me out."

Halee said, " On Valentine's Day I would probably just hate on the couples that have a date or just do something for my family."

Gwyn said, "It's just another day for me. I'll be at work on Valentine's Day."

Lastly, Bernie commented, “ It’s just an excuse to eat more sugar for kids or just people in general with sweet tooths.”

For a second I was thinking the same thing as that maybe Valentine's Day was just an excuse to eat chocolate and different heart shaped candy.  As you might think that could be the reason but it's not; Valentine's Day is to express your partner's affection with greetings and gifts. This 5th century holiday now has Americans spending about $145 million dollars on Valentine's Day cards being bought in stores and about $2.4 billion dollars spent on just candy. One fact you didn't know about was the oldest known Valentine was written in prison. Charles Duke of Orleans was the first person to write a love letter to his second wife. At the age of 21, while being captured at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Now as the typical human you wouldn't think the first person to write a Valentine's day letter was an inmate in a prison that is something you don't think of every Valentine's Day.


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