The Glory of Donda

“Donda” is an album that Kanye planned to release in honor of his mother Donda who passed away in 2007. Kanye had a total of three listening parties for this album before it was finally released. On August 29th fans were surprised with Donda on all streaming services. Kanye later that day said Universal released his album without his permission. The album was supposed to drop on September 3rd along with Drake's album “Certified Lover Boy.” There are a total of 27 tracks on “Donda” and the entire listening experience lasts 1 hour and 48 minutes. Kanye has a more gospel/religious approach to this album like his 9th studio album “Jesus is King” In my opinion, there are some hits on Donda along with some tracks that just could’ve been better.

Some of the songs that I thought were a hit include; Remote Control, Hurricane, 24, Keep my Spirit Alive, Jail (part 1&2), No Child Left Behind, Off the Grid, and God-breathed. These were my favorites off this track and really made me think the wait was worth it. The songs all in my opinion have a great sound and good lyrics behind them. My top 3 out of all these though would have to start with remote control. I liked the sound of it from the start and is a good example of why I am a Kanye fan. The meaning behind remote control is Kanye saying that he has all of his affairs under control. He’s saying that he's on top right now and in a way feels like a CEO. my second favorite out of the previous eight would have to be 24. 24 was inspired, if not dedicated to, the past Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant who passed away in a helicopter crash in 2020 at age 41. In the song, you can hear the Sunday Service Choir sing “twenty-four hours, twenty-four Candles” referring to the candles that were set out at Kobe Bryant's tribute. I Like this song because it has a good flow and a good melody to it. My third favorite would have to be “Keep my Spirit Alive.” This was a very good song and I enjoyed the musical masterpiece that it was.

Some of the tracks on this album that I thought needed improvement were “Donda Chant”, “Junya” (Part 1 & 2), and “Tell the Vision”. These tracks were my least favorite on the album. The Donda chant had a good meaning behind it. It resembles his mom's heartbeat but with each heart being Donda instead of an actual heartbeat. I think the actual heartbeat would have been more memorable than the kind of “meme” that Donda chant has become. Junya is just vey mid. I wasn't a fan of bit parts of this song. Tell the Vision was an atrocity. The beat could have gone so hard but it didn’t. It ended after a minute and had me hanging wondering why.

Donda was a great listening experience and I highly recommend it if you haven’t listened to it yet.


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