Sometimes I Think Way Too Much

It’s difficult to write sometimes or even come up with ideas that are just out of this world. I've never done anything like this before, mostly just journaling for myself and writing down specific moments or things I so desperately wanted to remember. Sometimes I think about some really weird things and wonder, am I the only one who thinks this way or am I just insane, it’s hard to tell. 

So if we are going into my weird mind then I suggest you sit back and relax, not too comfortable because I want you to think about it. Picture this, you’re sitting in a car or looking out the window or maybe even just looking at something so clear that you go to grasp it but you can’t because there’s a barrier between you and whatever it is you were wanting to touch. I think that’s how I see people, so clear and unbreakable to the touch but once they let you see them you can see the cracks and perfectly imperfect parts about them. I find the strange quite beautiful. 

Now if we are going deeper I guess we should go into a  topic such as, “Is this just a dream or am I really alive?” I can’t be the only one who thinks this way, they made a movie about it after all! I wonder about this a lot if I’m being honest. I ask myself questions like, is this really real or am I really here, what's my purpose or do I even have one? Scary but maybe that’s just my way of self-discovery and where I want to see myself one of these days. Life is a mystery and I choose to believe there is something greater in store for me even if this is a dream and there are a few potholes the size of craters in my way but I’ll get there eventually. 

Now I guess my biggest question about this whole life thing, is there a right way to do it? I know there is no handbook or checklist that we must study, but what can we do to make our lives the way we want it? I think of this place as an ultimate test of our capabilities to love, care, be brave, and courageous for one another. I think that we were all given a path and our decisions that we make are to fill in the missing puzzle pieces. I think some were gifted with big brains and some with muscle power or ones that can create nothing into something larger than life. For others they are dreamers, lonely wandering souls just trying to figure out what they want and I think that’s me a lot of the time.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those life paths but it’s so hard when you're young to know what you want and the pressure of the world hanging over your head, I mean even as an adult you have these thoughts, I think. I think, I wonder, I ponder, I daydream, I do all of these things and maybe it’s too much sometimes but the world and my brain are full of endless opportunities and ideas to keep flooding out, so dare I say that you think and never stop!  


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