Never Grow Up

For as long as I can remember, I was in fact a strange child.  My hair was white and I was fair like a porcelain doll. My cheeks were so pink that you could see me a mile away. I was unfortunately given the nickname baboon butt for my rosy cheeks in kindergarten. I was short and a bit of a wild child, but nevertheless I was happy. Happy, What is happy? I think it can mean so many different things. The sun makes you happy or babies and puppies. I think my happiness has changed since I’ve gotten older and I think that's the same for a lot of people. I also think that about all of the other emotions that we have as humans. 

It’s hard to think as an adult that at one point in your life you didn’t have to think or be on top of things like we are now. I think today in this day in age we keep wanting to progress so quickly that we don't want to just sit and stare for a moment. Just a moment, a moment can mean the good, the bad, and the ugly, but taking a step back and just pausing for that moment could be crucial. I think we are always trying to come up with the next best thing without even thinking first. I see that as our childhoods. What happened to want to be a kid forever? Heck, I still feel and act like one myself sometimes, and is deemed “unprofessional”, but I don’t care.  

I just think that we take moments like childhood for granted. Kids nowadays wanna be adults so fast but then when they reach that point, they just want to retreat. You're really missing out on true and pure happiness as a child. Innocence is bliss and kids are sweet and kind. I mean don't you just see a baby in a grocery store smiling with their chubby cheeks and wide eyes and think to yourself how lovely they are and they don't even know it.

There’s something so wonderful about being a child; no social media, no bills, no car payments, just simply taking each day by day. I can’t speak for every child out there but childhood should be complete joy without worry or scary things. It should be building forts out of blankets and playing on playgrounds with all kinds of children. Just talking about it makes me want to go back to the good old days. Unfortunately, we grow up and it’s sad and unfair. I’m kicking and screaming right now thinking about being an adult. 

If I could go back and talk to my younger self I would say, “Don’t fret over tomorrow, you are sweet, goofy, clumsy, troublesome, and recklessly wonderful. You may or may not have been stuck to the floor by a staple that was hooked on your underwear and you definitely didn't run away at preschool and was put on lockdown for it, but you looked at life with the thought that you could do anything or be whoever you wanted and that was perfect."

So for goodness sake never grow up too fast or you might regret it. 


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