My Fast Food Favorites

If you’re planning on going to SICTC next year, this blog is for you! This year, students were able to drive themselves between schools which means they were left roughly an hour and thirty minutes to go get food and get to their next school. Over the past year, I’ve tested the limits on what places you have plenty of time for and others may be cutting it a little too close for comfort. Now keep in mind that this will probably differ depending on what school you are going to and from. For my examples, I’m traveling from North to SICTC. 

  1. First up on the list is Mod Pizza. This one would most definitely fall under the “cutting it close” category. I left straight from north to Mod, so I had a little bit of a wait when I got there since it doesn’t open the door until 11. Even though I was the first one in line it still took quite a bit of time. I remember getting back and walking through the door right at 11:39 and class begins at 11:40. An extra bonus would be that right next door to Mod is a Starbucks, so while waiting for Mod to open I might have gone through the Starbucks line…
  2. Next, we have Denny's. There is a Denny's directly up the road from SICTC so it seems like a pretty safe option right? Well, I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than that. This particular Denny's has a tendency to be quite slow and if you were thinking about placing a pick-up order I’d think again. Although I must say I have never been late because of eating at Denny's, and their mashed potatoes are to die for. 
  3. I’m going to put these next two together because they are easily accessible going from North on Highway 41.  McDonald's and Dairy Queen are both on the way to SICTC from North and pretty fast. Most of the time when I stop at these I get so SICTC was before Mrs. Bootz opens the door so I do have to eat in my car which is a little inconvenient. There is also a Wendy’s on the way to SICTC on 41, but I have found that by the time I got to my parking spot it would all be cold and I wouldn’t want to eat it by then. 
  4. This one is my personal favorite and I know many of you will agree with me. Chick-fil-a is such a good option for this time of day. It has never been super crowded or busy when I go for lunch through the week and I always get back to class at least 10-15 minutes early. As a regular customer, I highly recommend their mac and cheese! 
  5. My last and final destination is Culvers. There have been a couple of times throughout the year when I’ve had to go by Costco to get gas in between schools and there is a Culvers conveniently located on my way back. They’re usually pretty fast, I’ve never been late and who doesn’t need a little pick me up in the form of custard. 

Although I’m not sure if seniors next year will get the same opportunities to drive like we have had this year if you do then here's your guide to lunch. Once again, this will probably differ depending on where you’re coming from, but they are all fairly close to SICTC itself. Ever forget to fuel up before coming to SICTC, you will need all the brainpower you’ve got! 


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