My Dream Chaotic Dinner Party Invite List

Class. Sophistication. Gracefulness. Tasteful conversation on engaging and intelligent topics. All are expected out of a dinner party, but in my dreams, dinner parties are the perfect opportunity for a magnitude of chaos. The atmosphere that I am looking to achieve in this hypothetical dinner party depends solely on the celebrities and characters I choose to invite. Therefore and without further ado, here is my dream dinner party invite list to create mass chaos. 

  1. Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a fairly obvious candidate for this chaotic dinner party. The dinner party episode of The Office is universally agreed to be one of the best of the series, and Michael Scott is at the heart of it. 

  1. Alice Cullen 

Alice is a slightly out-there choice, but if you look at Twilight closely, you would see that she is an icon for not only her fashion sense, but also for creating excitement, confusion, and anticipation. She would tell everyone their futures at the party and undoubtedly freak everyone out for the overall good of the chaos. 

  1. The Wendy’s Social Media Manager 

Although I don’t know who runs Wendy's social media account, I would love to meet this comedic genius and see them interact with these other chaotic idols. 

  1. The Impractical Jokers 

I feel like this choice is pretty self-explanatory. This group of 4 overgrown children definitely have earned their titles as being both impractical and jokers. Michael would try to join them and would end the night sadly when they rejected his attempt at taking over the group. 

  1. Nicki Minaj

Queen Minaj may be known for rap, but she is actually hilarious and is full of one-liners. This invitee is an interesting addition, but I would love to see her, Michael Scott, and the Impractical Jokers all in the same room. 

  1. Randy Jackson

I would want him to call me “dawg.” 

  1. Gordon Ramsey 

I may or may not have blown the microwave up twice in one month while making those microwavable cups of mac and cheese, so we need someone to make the food for the party. We wouldn’t be using him just for his culinary skills, however, because this man would also be an asset because of his brutally honest humor.  


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