Learning in a New COVID Reality

As most of you know, Covid 19 (Coronavirus) has made many challenges for students. A year ago, we all had to change the way we lived our everyday lives. Although most of us have grown to adapt to the situation we were placed in, there are still a lot of things that we miss out on every single day. 

Seniors mostly look forward to the typical proms and dances that get held at schools yearly, but there are still other things that lie underneath that are really important for our future. Multiple examples include college visits, field trips to different job sites, internships, and public speaking events.

An example would be an internship I lost due to the start of Covid. I interviewed for a job at a local radio station and was so excited to hear that I got the job and was able to give myself more experience in the field of work I’m interested in. Everything shut down due to the lockdown and I was never able to follow up with the job. It made me really sad because I felt like I made a huge accomplishment for myself.  

Throughout all of these complications, some schools seem to be doing a great job of accommodating to them. Here at the WPSR station, they have tried to make the seniors feel as though their futures were just as important as they were before. One of the things that I appreciate the most is the Internships our teacher has made for us within the station so we still get the learning experience we need.

From going live on the station to managing our projects and social media, WPSR has made it possible for us to still have the opportunity for real-world experiences. Many problems I hear within seniors are that we are not able to experience or have insight on different types of careers, which potentially could put us in a career we regret. 

Not only has Covid affected the way we get future interaction, but it has also affected the way we experienced what was supposed to be our “typical high school years” that we dreamed about as a kid. We grew up reading and watching many books and movies that show what high school is supposed to be like. The drama, dances, exams, and even falling asleep at your desk because your old history teacher was a bore. 

A way that the EVSC and Warrick county has offered us the chance to have a little reality is prom. I was able to attend the Boonville high school prom for the year 2021 and I was able to experience some sort of dance. It was really appreciated by all seniors because most of us were not able to experience any dances our junior year. Being able to have this chance brought a lot of light to the end of our senior year.

Overall, Covid 19 has added stress for most teens (and even adults). The parents and school systems have done a great job adapting to the new way we live and learn. Even throughout all of this confusion and hard times, Senior year will forever be engraved in my memory. Learn


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