I'm Terrified of Strange Things

    Howdy, y’all my name is JimStar and I love animals. There are some out there though that just twist me the wrong way. From the way they look to their absolute power, these animals scare me. Please keep in mind that these animals may also just be some of the most obscure animals but they do exist and that's all that matters, so let’s get into my personal top five scariest animals.

    Ok, so we’re going to start off with a strong contender, the African murdering madness also known as a hippo. From their bite force of 1800 psi with their mouth opening 180 degrees to them being able to come at you at a steady thirty miles per hour, this thing is to be feared. Along with those reasons they can camouflage themselves in the savanna where they live. I can honestly say that I'm happy that I live nowhere near this monstrosity.  
    Next up is another contender that I would put higher on my fear list even though they will be the cutest animal on this list, the American alligator. With its max speed being twenty miles per hour they can still chase down most thing as well have an immense bite force of 2980 psi it has one of the strongest bite forces in the animal. And the real reason I’m truly scared of this creature is that they can literally get you anywhere, from on a plane to even on the toilet they’ll find you.

    Now next up we have the great white shark. Now I know that shark bites are very rare but it’s shows like Sharknado that make me scared of them and even their ancestor the megalodon having the slightest chance at being alive still just twists me the wrong way. Like the only reason, the meg evolved into the great white is because after the asteroid hit the earth it couldn’t sustain its size because it couldn’t find food.

    Next up is the kangaroo. Ok so the kangaroo if you go to certain places a kangaroo can just run to you and give you a mean right hook and you couldn’t do anything about it because it’ll just hit you harder. As well as the sword it has for its toenail. The kangaroo has the hall of fame trophy for being a public nuisance.

    Now finally I know it seems silly but fish can’t be trusted. They don’t look like anything in the other animal kingdoms and just don’t look right. I believe that fish aren’t from the earth and I’m tired of hiding it. Most fish in the ocean rely on cannibalism along with incest because fish can’t tell the difference between their sister or some other fish and I just can’t get down with that. 

    I hope you enjoyed reading my list of what animals I don’t trust and can’t trust in a million years. From a hippo to just all fish these are just some animals that aren’t trusted by yours truly.


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