How Do You Spend Your Snow Day?

Remember waking up at 6 in the morning to the phone ringing or your parents telling you that you get to stay home from school today because it snowed overnight?? BEST FEELING EVER!!! You get to stay in your pj’s, make snow slushies, drink hot chocolate, go sledding, watch lots of movies, and play Wii (good ol’ days)! I know here at 90.7 WPSR we all miss coming to the station when school gets canceled, but I am going to ask the student staff to tell us what their favorite thing to do on a snow day is...


G: “Sleep in!! Or play in it with my dog.”

Brosiah: “Walk out in the snow barefoot.” Interesting -Skip

M-Money: “Sleeeep.”

Jill Star: “Oh my gosh!!!! Honestly just cuddling on the couch reading a book watching the snow come down. Oh, and I like sledding too. We also make snow yetis!”

Wendy Hollow: “I like to watch it fall from inside and watch movies!”

Jim Star: “Stay at home and play video games.”

Tortuga: “Sleep.”

Lively Lee: “Just hang out.”

Daws: “Just chill inside!”

Scooter: “Go sledding.”

Sirron: “I guess watch movies and play video games.”

Halo: “Get my heated blanket and watch tv all day.”

Bernie: “Wake up! Make pancakes. Go out and get cold. Sled and play ice hockey. Then go home and put your clothes in the dryer and get warm. Then you go back out and keep repeating it. Then go home at night and get hot chocolate. Lastly, you go back outside, go nighttime sledding, and then do it all over again the next day!”

RP: “Sleep.”

IzzyG: “Get on a four-wheeler, race, go down hills, drift, and pull people on sleds!”

Atticus: “Stay inside and read.”

Claire Showman: “Stay inside and watch Netflix.”

Ag: “Watch Hulu.”

Autumn Ray: “My favorite thing to do on a snow day is binge watch movies!”

Zesty: “I like making snow ice cream!”

Steak: “Uh, probably sleep.”

Overall, a lot of the student staff here at 90.7 loves to relax and sleep on their snow day off!! Personally, I LOVE to try to go to the tennis courts (indoor of course!) and then go outside and sled or attempt to snowboard. I also love to watch movies before I go to bed or after I am done sledding. I remember always walking through this wooded area to a big hill and sledding from morning until my parents called me home at night! I also used to play Wii Sports or Just Dance with my family.

Another amazing feeling when it comes to snow days is when the snow comes on a Friday or Monday and you get a whole, fun three day weekend to play in the snow or do whatever it is you enjoy doing on your day off! The build-up of anticipation when you know snow is coming overnight but you do not find out until the morning of school creates such an adrenaline rush and keeps you up all night!!!

Let us know what your favorite thing to do on a snow day is!!!!


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