How Are We Getting Our Entertainment?

As a high school student during a pandemic, the least I can say is that we’ve done quite a bit of E-Learning. Most of the time it’s boring, but there’s never a boring virtual lesson when it comes to WPSR’s makeup work. You’re always learning something new and interesting. A fan favorite is probably watching a video of choice and responding and summarizing what you learned from it, which is why I want to share it here.

On Variety, Moderator Elaine Low opens episode 6 with their current insight into what the entertainment industry is experiencing due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Everything seems uncertain and very scary for everyone involved. What will happen to everyone unable to work, and what will happen when the industry cannot provide for their consumers in a time where everybody wants a distraction while they’re stuck at home? What does the future hold for all of us?

Reaching into the sixth month of the pandemic, everything in the production standpoint of entertainment looks to be three times harder than ever before. Insurance for creating movies has skyrocketed by more than 1,000%. This locks the industry down even more after movie theaters started closing and streaming services became the main demand. How can they get a movie onto a streaming platform when costs and fences keep popping up out of nowhere? Aside from the technical standpoint, actors won’t be able to get solid schedules from producers due to the pandemic, which is one of many factors as to why they won’t agree to many contracts if at all in the time being.

With all of these new hoops to jump through, how is the entertainment industry going to acclimate to its new surroundings? Syrinthia Studer talks about how she joined Nickelodeon in the middle of all of this commotion. She’s yet to even meet all of her coworkers in person yet, but they have all been communicating through virtual meetings. She goes on to say that there was a small blessing in disguise that came from their at-home working accommodation. They’ve been able to work more on product development as well as getting to know each other through talk and casual conversation. They were able to focus more on projects that were here and there on differing levels of production.

What have we learned thus far about what we could change about everyday work in the workplace that we didn’t realize previously? Everyone is in agreement that while working from home has been the main option since Covid-19 struck, it could be a very good thing to continue with for some people. Of course, we would ideally put it to a minimum, people will save time and money by doing a video call instead of, for example, attending a conference that they might have to fly for. Even though it was an option before, it was almost seen as lazy, which deterred many from making that decision. Companies could save a lot of money by even having people work from home on certain days. We have learned many new techniques for getting rid of the unnecessary spending that was happening before. 


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