Embrace the Change

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t know which way to turn? Left or right? Up or down? It may have even felt like you’d be making a life-altering decision if you made the wrong choice. Life can seem like a scattered puzzle at times but there are plenty of ways you can put all of the pieces back together. The amount of patience you have is key to putting your life back on track. Everyone has their own way of dealing with change and that is perfectly fine.

Many people have a lot of different ideas on how you should deal with change. Life can change in a matter of seconds, minutes, months, and even years but time still goes on just as life does. It may take certain individuals a longer period of time to overcome change than others which is perfectly normal. What do you think life would be like without change? Would it be harder or easier? Happier or sadder?

Think about your answer very carefully.

The fact is that we will never be able to stop time but we can change the way we react to it. I have dealt with change in many different aspects of my life just like most people have as well. For instance, my plans have been changed unexpectedly and my first thought is to get frustrated because I had really been looking forward to the upcoming plans. Instead of relying on my own emotions, I try to take time to pause and think if it is worth my time to get upset over. Usually the unscheduled and or derailed plans have had some of the most significant meaning in my life personally.

Change can help us grow, get out of our comfort zone, it can bring great things, it can prepare us, it can bring amazing opportunities, and it can expand one's horizons. Change is scary, sometimes uncomfortable, and very unpredictable. In times of change, we should lean on one another because everyone is dealing with their own personal type of change the majority of the time. There are many different types of decisions and or risks you take each and every day like deciding to get out of bed or maybe hitting the snooze button twice because you felt like treating yourself to a few more minutes of sleep.

Have you ever had the exact same day twice? No, I am not talking about deja vu, I am talking about one having the exact same day and doing things identically to the way they did the day before, much like a copy and paste type of feeling, it stays the same, it’s constant. Well, I most certainly haven’t, that is the thing with change in our day-to-day lives it’s never constant, it is always changing, it’s almost like a surprise.

So what’s holding you back from embracing your change? Is it fear, the feeling of being uncomfortable, or the thought of messing up? My challenge for you is to embrace your change in a positive way and see how it affects you and others around you! 


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