Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

When was the last time you knew the answer to a question the teacher had asked in class but decided not to raise your hand and answer because you were afraid you would get it wrong? When was the last time you were so excited to do something days beforehand but once that day came around you were wondering if others thought it would be cool or not? If you answered yes to the following questions you most likely take yourself way too seriously on the daily. 

You have probably had someone tell you “who cares what others think, just be you” at least once in your lifetime. This is something that is easy to tell others but harder to follow yourself. 

You may be asking yourself how do I not take myself so seriously? Well, there are plenty of ways to do this. You should laugh a little, relax, and think to yourself, am I really going to care about what these people think of me ten years from now? It is easy to get caught up in your thoughts and worry about certain outcomes that will most likely not even happen. A quote I live by every day is, “everything happens for a reason”. No one is guaranteed tomorrow so live for today.

What happens when you ask a group of kids to draw? They start drawing. And if you ask them to dance? They will most likely start dancing. So my challenge for you is to strive to be more like a child. This may sound very silly but I promise it is worth it and you will most likely gain a lot of confidence.

Stop being scared of doing what you want or being afraid that you will get laughed at. Laugh along, share a smile, have some fun, and learn from it. 

Your image is most certainly not you, it's just how people perceive you. Don’t wait for an audience's applause, learn how to pat yourself on the back even when you fail, and be sure to get right back up! If you decide not to dance like a child, then sway a little bit! Most importantly remember to stay true to yourself.


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