Competitive VS. Arrogant

No matter what sport you watch or play, you will never fail to find the people on both sides of the spectrum of arrogant and competitive. Both extremes can be extremely detrimental to that person and their team (if that applies). How thin is that line and what can make a person fall off? I am here to answer that for you.

We’ll start with being too competitive. Competitiveness is MANDATORY if you want to win. There’s never been a championship team in the world where a majority of the players had that fighting competitive spirit, but there is a moment where it can be too much. Being too competitive can turn into an outburst of emotion or cause the people around you to end up disliking you because of your actions. Everyone who’s played sports is guilty of having emotional moments or even outbursts during a game or match but when it comes to be a constant battle, it can be tiring to everyone involved. This can also lead into sportsmanship, a very important aspect in any sport. Let’s say you’re winning a baseball game by 12 points over the opposing team and you steal a base on a ball that has gone by the catcher. You can try to blame it on you being competitive, but everyone knows that it’s just unsportsmanlike. When your action is demeaning towards the opponent, it will always be considered unsportsmanlike. These actions can be tied into a person’s arrogance as well.

The other side of the line is what’s called arrogance. This is the type of person who considers themselves the best no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Now, this mentality isn’t always frowned upon. It becomes a problem when it becomes disrespectful to others and takes over your entire personality. Sometimes it can help a person if they keep saying to themselves that they’re the best and that no one can beat them. This is acceptable as long as they keep it to themselves. No one wants to feel inferior to someone at a sport that they are very passionate about. We all know that there are people in this world that are better at sports than others, but there is no reason to put others down in the process of becoming the best. 

Finding the happy medium of these two aspects of mentalities in sports is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you. Even if you aren’t the best athlete on the playing surface, you know in your mind that you are not only lifting up your teammates by having a healthy competitive attitude, but you’re also making yourself a better player by having confidence in your abilities. As you develop, this mentality will leak over into your physical health and will only toughen your mind and attitude. If your goal is to play sports at the college level, no coach wants to hear that you have emotional tantrums or that your teammates can’t can’t stand you because you treat them as a lesser being. Be competitive and respectful, not angry and rude.


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