Cartoon Nostalgia 2000s Style

The 2000s was a time of some of the greatest cartoons. A time to be a child and enjoy the wonderful feeling of excitement and adventure every cartoon held. You don’t even have to be a child to watch cartoons, I still watch cartoons to this day and so do many others.

Nostalgia is when you encounter a meaningful memory that causes neurons in the body to fire up and release past emotions. Watching your favorite cartoons can give you a sense of security or relaxation.

I feel like SpongeBob is a highly popular cartoon to remember from the 2000s. I remember so many SpongeBob quotes and songs to this day. Except, in my opinion, I like the original SpongeBob rather than the newer episodes. The old episodes transport me back to a good time from when I didn’t have responsibilities to worry about and they just seem to have more of a story to me than the new ones. Plus, I feel like it's a flex to say that a sponge taught me how to tie my shoes, don’t forget to do the loopy loop and pull and your shoes are looking cool.

Cartoons have changed in many ways over the years. Cartoons used to have a good story to them and adventure and creative ideas within them, but now they seem so different. Cartoons now don’t have as much of a story and are mainly trying to be weird and funny which I feel doesn’t give off the same feeling as a 2000 cartoon. Like Cat and Dog, Johnny Test, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, they all have stories and great adventures and I mean yeah some new cartoons may have an adventure but it just doesn’t feel the same in tugging on your heartstrings. Cartoons nowadays I don’t want to watch but when I have kids, they will be growing up on 2000s cartoons because it creates a great childhood mind, well it did for me anyway. No offense to the new cartoons, but if you don’t know who the hash-slinging slasher or what zoinks is from, my heart's strings just might collapse for your childhood.

Not to get into a deeper note but cartoons can also help people going through hard times. No one has a perfect life and watching something simple as a 2000s cartoon can just make you feel like you don’t have a care in the world and that you can have a good laugh. So in a way cartoons are a healthy treatment right? Do you think I could get my doctor to prescribe me cartoon watching?

Now there are a few new cartoons that are good to watch but I still don’t think I watch them as often as I do something like SpongeBob and Scooby Doo. I legit have like 20 or more Scooby Doo DVDs and if you don’t know what a DVD is, then there go the heartstrings again. Just please look it up for me if you don’t for my sake, reader of this 2000s nostalgia. But if you do then Hi welcome back to flashback city let's get back into the nostalgia.

Now just because I’m not a technical 2000s kid which means you have to be about 5 or older by 2000 doesn’t mean anything. I was born in 2004 and would say I got a good tv show and music taste. Kids born in the early 2000s I think should count cause so what I was born after the 2000s started doesn’t mean I didn’t have plenty of time to watch the best cartoons ever made. Sorry not sorry that seemed a bit biased. Anyway, I'm gonna have to end it here, but if you the reader have made it this far, thank you for joining my ted talk where you don’t hear me talk. I hope you enjoyed the fourth wall conversation we had today and don’t forget to relax and enjoy some tony tiger cereal or lucky charms and enjoy your favorite 2000s cartoons.


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