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Broadening the Horizon

While society makes many people want to conform in different ways of life, there will always be one thing that each person has that's their own: their music taste. Country, Rock, Pop, EDM, K-Pop, and etc… can be a perfect way to show a person’s individuality and interests. My music taste has always been all over the place because I will hyperfixate on certain bands and genres for a while or just a couple days.

My taste recently has changed because I have asked one of my friends for a playlist of his music. I had already been listening to some music based on someone's taste similar to his, so it seemed like an easy transition. Key word being “seemed” because it was not that easy of a transition. Hearing people scream consistently in your ear is a talent that I have not been born with. Over time though I have been able to listen to it without wanting to skip the song for something else.

I never thought I would be into Metal music, but here I am listening to heavy music that has barely audible words. I used to listen to a lot of K-Pop and other light music along with Pop, but now his music is growing on me. Despite how loud it is, the messages in the songs are cool and sometimes funny hearing the references to other types of media. I have learned during this “experiment” you could say that expanding my horizons to listen to music I would have never tried before has actually been a success.



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