Keep Your Friends Close

Friends are some of the most important people in your life, sometimes even the most important people. With people becoming more distant in life it’s important to keep your friends close and make sure they’re genuine and loving people. If you're scared of the future your friends will always be there to help and make you more confident about your future. It’s part of human nature to communicate with others and having your friends communicate with you, the more communication the more you and your friends grow. Communication brings people together, creates unity, and allows people to be themselves. This is why friends are important because they keep you in line with yourself and others.

You have to be there for your friends just as much as they will be there for you because if you aren’t then the friendships will become less stable. You and your friends must stay together no matter what even though the unstable times because if you do the friendship will become stronger. To make a strong friend group make sure that your friends are accepting of each other and you.

Memories will be made with your friends so make sure the arguments and hiccups don't let those memories get in the way of the good ones. Friends will always have moments of argument but the anger will always pass and make the friendship stronger if you get through it. Love your friends and show them that you care is the best way to develop friendships further. 

Friendships are important and it is up to you if you want to get closer to your friends and make strong trustworthiness with them. Having trust in your friends is important because then you don't have to worry about them turning on you and if they are doing the same they don't have to worry about you turning on them. Remember the people you are in contact with can always become a friend so look out for trustworthy people and start a conversation. Future memories await so get out there and make some.








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