7 Things to Do While Quarantined

In these times you never know what’s going to happen. You could plan your week out and then get a call from the health department saying that you’ve been quarantined at any time, and well, being stuck at home can get pretty boring. So here's my list of things to do while quarantined!



I like to make cookies while I’m stuck at home as well as more pasta than I’d like to admit. I know some people have taken up making sourdough bread while they're in quarantine. While I have yet to participate in that trend, I’d like to give it a try sooner or later!


Video Games

I was lucky enough to purchase a Switch console before the pandemic started, and even luckier to get a few games for Christmas. I’ve taken this time to play through one of my all-time favorites, Super Mario Galaxy, and spent hours working on making my Animal Crossing village perfect.



Being at home means I’ve had more time to work on my crafts. I worked a bit on an acrylic painting as well as another project where I paint designs onto black jeans with bleach and draw over the lightened spots with a sharpie. I plan on attempting to bleach-dye a few shirts to match these pants. Another project I plan to do soon is making Kandi bracelets and other jewelry. I definitely encourage everyone to start their own craft projects while staying safe at home!


Give Yourself A New Style

If you're like me you’re always wanting to change up your look, and your hair is a great outlet to express yourself! I don’t think enough people utilize the clippers and scissors they have at their house. You could do anything you wanted with your hair! You could even give yourself a new color and dye it, it can change your whole vibe! Just remember to stay safe at home and order online to reduce risk if possible. 



Some of us have managed to totally mess up our sleep schedules or are just too busy to rest up with work or school. Take your time quarantining to fix your sleep schedule or just spend a whole day napping to catch up on that sleep you’ve missed! It could make you feel so much better and you’ll definitely thank yourself later.


Watch T.V.

While I suggest catching up on sleep, I suggest catching up on your favorite t.v. shows too! I’ve taken my time quarantining to start watching My Hero Academia and Death Note as well as revisiting some childhood favorites like Adventure Time. Before my quarantine is over I plan on starting a newer show called Sk8 the Infinity.



Of course, I encourage everyone to stay caught up on their homework and even work on past work if you’re behind.


Listen to 90.7

While some of us are at home, we still have quite a bit of staff working hard on creating content for you at the station! We have groups going live, voice tracking, podcasting, scripting news, and sports, and even filming and producing videos for our youtube page! And we always have our Totally 80’s Weekend. There’s always something to listen to at 90.7 WPSR!


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