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5 Reasons Why SICTC is For You

When you think of high school, what crosses your mind? Perhaps the standard math or english class, stuck in your chair as you stare at the clock for the entire period, willing time to move a little bit faster.

Imagine a class where you run a restaurant, build a house, or even fly a drone. That couldn’t exist, right? Think again!

If you are a high school sophomore, take a look at why the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center may be for you!


#1: Hands On Curriculum

Say goodbye to traditional desk learning! SICTC blends lecture and classroom work with hands-on experience. 

This is the core foundation for SICTC’s learning environment, and is found in all of the courses offered here. Students gain first-hand experience in their field through the personalized workspaces dedicated to each classroom.

For example, in Radio & TV Broadcasting, there is space set aside for tables and desks, but students spend most of their time in the studios, in front of the mic.

Students have the opportunity to apply what they’ve been taught directly in class. This is a unique feature that not only helps students retain the information they learn, but to refine and master their skills. 


One of our radio teams in the On-Air Studio!


#2: Specialized Courses

At SICTC, we stand out for our range and variety of coursework. 

Students select the course they want to take, typically with a focus on their future career pathway. You’re surrounded by other like-minded individuals who share an interest in the same field, which creates a special learning environment fueled by excitement.

It’s safe to say students are truly excited to attend their classes and work towards success each and every day. 

SICTC offers a selection of 22 courses, each tailored to a different area of interest. Check out the list of classes here. 


Catching up with Brennon and Todd in the SUAS Drone Technology class - SICTC’s newest program featuring drone flight lessons, engineering, and programming.


#3: State of the Art Facility

SICTC has an impressive list of accolades, from the Indiana State of Excellence Award (twice!) to ranking within the top 5 career and tech schools in the nation. We’re also an Indiana Certified STEM School.

While all of these titles sound nice, we take pride in our ability to back up these accomplishments.

SICTC is unique, and it’s facility is one of a kind. Students gain access to tools and equipment many will not come in contact with until college, or even their career. 

You can’t find another building like this for miles, and with the quality of the space, the quality of our instructors, we’re more than just a list of awards and a series of titles. 

Stay tuned for future information on our open house, which will be taking place virtually this year. This will be a great chance to visually explore SICTC’s facility and features.

Side note: We play our beloved radio station, 90.7 WPSR, in the hallways, so you can jam out on your trip to the bathroom. Are you sold yet?


A quiet evening on campus at SICTC.

#4: Jumpstart on College and Beyond

Students benefit for years to come following their time spent here at SICTC. We offer numerous opportunities to prepare students for college, the workforce, and beyond. 

College credit is offered with each course, which allows students interested in pursuing a University route to get a headstart - at a fraction of the price. 

SICTC also hosts college and career fairs throughout the year, where students have the chance to meet with potential employers and college representatives.

Within your senior year, students become more focused on taking part of the numerous internship opportunities available.


#5: Meeting New People

Students from 20+ high schools across 5 different counties come together at SICTC. It’s truly an experience that is as much as what you make of it.

You’re surrounded by others who enjoy what they’re doing, and this creates the ability to network and build strong connections with like-minded people.

Relationships are also formed with teachers and staff, who take the time to get to know their students and open up the door to a new level of independence.

As a student, you are treated like an adult, and are granted a number of new freedoms and the feeling of responsibility. 

This stems from the instructors, in which the majority came out of industry, meaning they are likely to treat you like a fellow employee or supervisor.

Whether it’s with your peers or teachers, students have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, networking connections, and bonds here at SICTC.





WPSR Family Selfie

Quick Overview

Students split their day between their home school and SICTC. The junior class reports to SICTC in the morning, from 7:40am to 10:10am, while the senior class is hosted in the afternoon, from 11:40am-2:10pm. Bus transportation is provided. 

At your home school, you will take classes necessary for your graduation requirements. SICTC courses typically take up four classes of your home school schedule.


Application Info & Dates to Look For

Applications will open later this fall for students interested in attending SICTC. For Priority Application, the deadline is January 1st, 2021. All applications received after this date are dependent on course availability. 

Apply here at this link:

For further information on what the Southern Career & Technical Center has to offer, visit our website.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming dates regarding virtual open house events!


Final Words

No matter where you stand in your academic career, our purpose is to help you grow. As principal, Kevin Williams, continues to emphasize, “Whether students are coming in with a 2.0 GPA or a 4.0 GPA, SICTC is an opportunity for a clean start or continued success.”

Your career path is out there, and with the opportunities here at the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center, we’re excited to start you on your journey.

We hope to see you next school year!



Your future home is waiting!



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