Fortnite Fever

In July 2017, Epic Games released a game called Fortnite. The 100-player battle royale was an instant success and swept the video game community. Fortnite has been a big influence on the video game industry and I'm going to highlight the biggest points in Fortnite’s life as a game.


To start, back in May of 2018 Fortnite had its first collaboration with another media with the Avengers Infinity War event. This was a huge moment for the game as it would pave the way for hundreds of collabs in the future. The event brought a limited time gamemode where players could become Thanos from the MCU and use the powers of the infinity gauntlet.


Next, the Marshmello and Travis Scott concerts. These two live events brought a lot of spotlight to Fortnite. Both concerts were live events for players meaning that if you weren't in the game for the event then you completely missed it. I was present for both events and can say they were absolutely legendary. The events also came with a collaboration of the artists themselves that you could purchase. I also have both skins in the game.


Finally, the black hole event. This is arguably one of the most influential events in the game's history.  When the first “chapter” of the game was ending the live event ended with the whole game getting sucked into a black hole. The game when opened would display the image of the black hole convincing many players the game was over for good. The internet went into a frenzy due to the amount of players who spent money on the game and were upset they were going to lose their account. This was not the case however and the new chapter came out after a week.


These were only a few of the biggest events in the game's history. With many collabs and events Fortnite continues to be one of the best selling and most played games of all time.