My Dream of Rating All of the Seasons

The first season I would like to rate is Spring. I’d rate it as a 5 ½ out of 10; I’ve never been a Spring type of person, I really only like the heat. So I suppose that Spring is okay because it’s not too hot but not too cold. There is also a lot of activities you can do in the spring, some of these activities are even free. Some of these activities are playing with chalk, going to an aquarium, eating at a new restaurant, having a boxing match, playing soccer, playing baseball, concerts, and fairs. 

I would rate summer as a 10/10. I love the summer because of the heat and how much there is to do. Some activities there are to do in the summer are taking a beach vacation, visiting family in warm locations, snorkeling, riding horses, visiting an amusement park, and drinking Slurpees. There is so many fun things to do in the summer that I don’t even know if I could name them all. I hope everyone enjoys summer as much as I do, also there are so many fun things you can do to have amazing fun times. 

I am not sure that I like fall as much as I like summer and spring. There are not as many activities you can do, and if you have children it can make it extremely hard to find fun things to do. The only thing I do like to do is bundle up and go to the pumpkin patch and drink some warm apple cider. If you aren’t up for that then you could even do a quick Walmart run and go buy a pumpkin, after buying that pumpkin you could carve it. That way you can have some spooktacular decorations for the outside of your house. 

Now, I have a love-hate relationship with Winter. In my life recently, there have been a lot of amazing events that have happened in December and January. Although I personally do not like the cold weather, I do not like all of the holiday traffic, and I definitely do not like to be as busy as Oprah. But there are a few things that I do like, I like watching The Polar Express while drinking Hot Chocolate, I like to go sledding, and I really like to decorate the Christmas tree. So after listing the pros and cons, I would rate winter a 5/10 because it’s 50/50. 

Now that I have rated all of the seasons, I would like to know what everyone else would rate them. Please let me know down in the comments, I would love to hear some feedback from y'all.

If there is a topic that you guys would like me to blog about please also leave that in the comments. I have been thinking about what I am going to write next week and I have some ideas but if anyone has anything more creative I would love to give it a try.  


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